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Documents, Info Needed by Providers Traveling to Locum Tenens Jobs

Clinicians who accept locum tenens jobs in other states and/or beyond a reasonable commuting distance have to drive a good stretch of highway or fly to reach their assignment locations. If you plan to take such opportunities, similar to confirming that you have essentials—like climate-appropriate attire and favorite resources—you also must ensure that you have the documents and information needed to get there. Here, we highlight what you should have on hand, whether you will be taking a road trip or winging your way to an assignment.

5 Communication Strategies to Help You Be a Better Healthcare Leader

The success of a healthcare organization is contingent on its leadership’s performance in a number of areas, from alignment and collaboration to action and accountability. In addition to carrying out the key functions of management—planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating—effective administrators recurrently assess and polish their communication skills to ensure transparency and to promote positive relationships with physicians, locum tenens providers, and others who work at their facilities.

Why I Love Being a Recruiter

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. In one variation or another, the above statement has been attributed to a number of notable people, from the philosopher Confucius to entrepreneur and author Harvey Mackay. While the reasons for being passionate about their jobs can differ from one person to the next, this quote is one that is sure to resonate with professionals who truly love what they do—regardless of who should be credited for the saying.