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12 Questions for Locum Tenens Recruiters

Provider pondering a questionIn the past, we provided a tool to help you do a little soul searching as you reflect on your career path and the opportunities available to you. After taking our 16-question self-assessment test—which posed queries like, “Am I living where I plan to retire?” and “Would doing locum tenens impact my personal commitments and/or other professional obligations?”—you should have greater clarity as to whether working locum tenens is right for you.

If you believe the practice alternative would complement your lifestyle, start looking at companies and the locum tenens jobs they have to offer. Undoubtedly, you will want to partner with an experienced recruiter who can offer an array of opportunities and ongoing support. But there are other significant factors to consider, as well.

To help you determine what’s best for you, read on for a list of key questions to ask recruiters and other company representatives as you review your options.

  1. Does your company represent providers in my specialty/subspecialty?
  2. Would I work with you/one recruiter directly for all my assignments?
  3. Are you knowledgeable about the skills, procedures, and terminology associated with my specialty/subspecialty?
  4. If you were to represent me, could I contact you any time I need assistance, even outside of your usual working hours?
  5. Would you be able to provide me with a variety of locum tenens assignments to choose from in terms of location, setting, and length?
  6. Would you check in with me throughout my assignments to see how I’m doing and to ensure everything is going well?
  7. Does your company provide assistance in obtaining medical licensure and privileges at hospitals/facilities?
  8. Is your firm an active member of the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO), the industry association that holds its members to a strict code of ethics?
  9. Does your agency cover medical malpractice insurance? If so, what type of liability coverage could I expect?
  10. Would your company handle my travel and temporary housing arrangements?
  11. How often would I be paid?
  12. Is direct deposit an option?

Getting answers to these and other important questions is an essential step in the process of choosing a company that can facilitate rewarding experiences and the service you deserve. To check out locum tenens opportunities today, contact Medicus Healthcare Solutions.

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