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3 Incredible, Less Obvious Advantages of Being a Recruiter

Cory WoodsCory Woods—a locum tenens recruiter with the Government Services department of Medicus Healthcare Solutions and permanent placement recruiter with Optimum Permanent Placement Services, a division of Medicus—shares his thoughts on recruiting as well as some of the excellent, lesser-known perks of the job.

Recruiting is much more than a job; it’s a passion.

Every day, I get to help physicians, advanced practitioners, and CRNAs find locum tenens or permanent opportunities that not only excite them, but also give them the ability to enjoy a better work-life balance. Providers who take locum tenens assignments have the option of practicing full-time or part-time (to earn extra money) and can take opportunities close to where they live or in other parts of the country as often as they wish.

What I do for a living also affects entities beyond the providers I represent, which is a mind-blowing realization and a responsibility that I don’t take lightly. I help hospitals and other healthcare organizations that are looking for the perfect candidates, and bring relief to staff members who have been stretched to their limits due to demands resulting from vacancies. What’s more, I assist in connecting quality clinicians to patients and communities in need throughout the United States.

The abovementioned motives would be reason enough for loving what I do. But my career is lucrative as well, and I enjoy some possibly lesser-known benefits, such as:

1. Having a level of autonomy and control of my workday. Essentially, I am the CEO of my desk, and manage both my days and candidates. I have created a system for identifying, getting acquainted with, and working with clinicians. The ability to organize and tailor my workday gives me an incredible amount of flexibility, and allows me to dictate my own success.

2. Being part of a team and a resource to coworkers. Working with other recruiters is definitely a perk of the job. I have built solid relationships with my peers because we truly relate to each other and have one another’s backs. We celebrate our successes together, provide or ask for support when challenges arise, and bounce ideas off of each other to expand our knowledge and become better recruiters.

3. Becoming adept at relationship building. Developing relationships is the foundation of recruiting. I have the chance to foster strong bonds with the providers I place in permanent jobs or on short- and long-term assignments, which is refreshing and rewarding. Clinicians are extraordinary, dedicated professionals, but they’re also regular people dealing with life’s issues just like everyone else. I enjoy getting to know them personally and talking about things other than work. Sometimes, I have the opportunity to meet with them in person for lunch or dinner, which is very cool as well.

Whether you are a recent college graduate looking a great opportunity or a seasoned professional seeking a “second act,” consider recruiting. It offers many of the advantages you’re likely looking for in a career as well as a number of amazing, unexpected benefits.

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