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3 Ways Locum Tenens Staffing Solutions Can Boost Your Bottom Line

People looking to produce revenueAs a healthcare executive, you or one of your teams oversees your hospital, health system, or practice’s staffing needs. Ensuring sufficient coverage also means you are accountable for the continuity of patient care provided at your facility.

Wouldn’t it be great to not only have a solution that provides your facility with sufficient, quality coverage, but also one that can help your organization prosper and cut costs? Read on to learn how locum tenens services from a reputable, innovative company can help you achieve each of these important objectives.

  1. Produce revenue

As you know, recruiting quality, permanent physicians and/or advanced practitioners is not a fast process. While you are looking for quality candidates, you want to take measures to retain those you hire.

Make sure the healthcare professionals you consider for employment are a good fit with your organization’s culture, patient-care philosophies, and regular staff. Quality locum tenens doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and/or CRNAs can help you maintain a continuum of care while you search for an effective, long-term solution, and can help you earn revenue your facility would otherwise lose.

  1. Eliminate further malpractice insurance costs

In general, hospitals and large groups pay for employed physicians’ medical malpractice insurance. If you furnish this benefit to your employees, you are familiar with its costs, which vary by specialty, state, and the amount of coverage purchased, as independent insurance agents Trusted Choice reports. For instance, malpractice insurance for a surgeon practicing at a California-based hospital can run between $22,000 and $34,000 annually.

Malpractice insurance graphic

However, if you secure staffing coverage from a locum tenens staffing company, you are not responsible for the cost of the provider’s medical malpractice insurance, a substantial savings. In addition, you can be assured the firm has numerous quality assurance measures in place to ensure the clinicians they send to your facility are experienced, capable, and flexible.

  1. Time to evaluate your staffing requirements

This measure will more than pay for itself. Acquiring locum tenens services will give you more time to better determine your needs prior to investing in a permanent solution. Here are just a few examples of when partnering with an innovative, respectable locum tenens firm could be the perfect solution for your organization:

  • Short-term or occasional requirement
  • Long-term needs and desire for providers interested in a lengthy locum tenens commitment
  • Assistance with stabilizing your schedule and/or eliminating coverage gaps in a specific department.
  • Support for self-management, moving into a different staffing model
  • Staffing assistance that includes a plan and an end goal

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