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5 Reasons to Consider Locum Tenens NPs and PAs

Perhaps you would like to scale your practice, but are not in a position to bring on another full-time physician. Then again, ski season is fast approaching, and you may be looking for a cost-effective approach to address the rise in census that your facility experiences every winter. Have you thought about adding a locum tenens mid-level practitioner to your staffing strategy?

For managers and other decision makers in need of a practical solution STAT, here are five reasons why you should consider using a non-physician locum tenens provider—such as a nurse practitioner (NP) or physician assistant (PA)—at your group, clinic, or hospital.

  1. NPs and PAs can inhibit the damaging effects of a staffing shortage. Using an advanced practitioner to boost your staffing mix can help your facility or practice become more accessible, productive, and profitable while reducing errors, enhancing care, and improving patient satisfaction.
  1. Mid-level providers can perform many of the tasks usually conducted by physicians. In addition to providing routine physical exams, NPs and PAs can order diagnostic tests, diagnose and treat many conditions—such as diabetes and high-blood pressure—and educate patients on issues like the importance of medication compliance and making healthy lifestyle choices.
  1. NPs and PAs enjoy prescriptive authority. While provisions concerning controlled substances and the requirement of physician supervision differ from one state to the next, advanced practice providers are able to write prescriptions in all 50 states.
  1. Patients appreciate having the option to see an advanced practice provider. As found in a study published by Health Affairs, when given the choice between putting off an appointment until a physician is available and being seen sooner by an advanced practitioner, the majority of patients chose the latter option.
  1. NPs and PAs can mitigate stress on physicians and healthcare teams. According to the Medscape Physician Lifestyle Report 2015, 46 percent of physicians say they are burned out. Using locum tenens PAs or NPs can alleviate the pressure on doctors and other permanent staff, and help them feel more supported in their roles.

Experienced locum tenens staffing company representatives can supply your organization with qualified interim and/or permanent NPs and PAs. Industry experts—like those at Medicus Healthcare Solutions—also can provide clinical information and operational insight on integrating advanced practice clinicians into your facility or practice. Explore the alternatives today!

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