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7 Qualities Locum Tenens Clinicians Should Seek in a Recruiter

Locum recruiter with headsetIn addition to being a staffing company representative, your recruiter should be a trusted partner, staunch advocate, personal advisor, and more. Having the right person in your corner can help you get to where you want to go and produce opportunities that exceed your wildest dreams. To find someone who will represent you well, look for a recruiter who is:

  1. Transparent. Keep surprises at bay by working with a staffing firm professional who is open, communicative, and accountable. When a recruiter is helping you explore your options, he or she should be able to clearly define the expectations—from what is required for credentialing to the schedule and contract duration for locum tenens jobs.
  2. Knowledgeable. In addition to collaborating with someone who has a strong understanding of healthcare and the locum tenens staffing industry, be sure the recruiter you work with specifically represents clinicians in your specialty.
  3. Inquisitive. A savvy recruiter asks a lot of questions. He or she should be interested in digging deep to help you get the assignments you want and are qualified—and able—to accept.
  4. A good listener. The recruiter you choose to join forces with should be invested in learning about and understanding the issues and objectives important to you. Ensuring he or she knows what you hope to achieve through the “locum lifestyle” means you will have a much greater likelihood of getting what you want.
  5. Accessible. Look for a recruiter who can be reached at different times of the day and night. Even if you need to speak at what some might consider a less-than-opportune time, you want to be assured you can get a hold of your recruiter if a pressing situation or emergency arises.
  6. A relationship builder. A conscientious, caring recruiter is focused on fostering connections that result in genuine, long-term relationships. He or she should care about you as a person, as well as your professional goals, and be interested in strengthening a bond over time that is built on mutual trust and respect.
  7. Responsive. Ensure you partner with a staffing agency representative who is sensitive to your needs and inquiries. The recruiter you elect to work with should follow up with you, follow through on requests, and always aim to provide you with exceptional service.

The provider-recruiter connection is likely the most important relationship you will establish as a locum tenens healthcare professional. To begin exploring practice opportunities with a Medicus Healthcare Solutions recruiter, call 855.301.0563 today.

The original version of this post was published April 6, 2016.

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