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C-Suite Monitor – Q4 | 2017

A Newsletter Dedicated to Providing Innovative Staffing Solutions for Healthcare Leaders.

Vital News – Q4 | 2017

A Newsletter for Physicians, NPs, PAs, and CRNAs Interested in or Currently Practicing Locum Tenens.

10 Facts About Physician Assistants in Celebration of PA Week 2017

Medicus Healthcare Solutions recognizes physician assistants (PAs) who work locum tenens, as well as those with permanent positions, for the valuable contributions they make to improve access to healthcare year round. We thank you for providing exceptional, greatly needed medical services at America’s hospitals, health systems, practices, clinics, and urgent care centers. And we deeply appreciate your commitment to the delivery of quality, patient-centric care.

Benefits of Working Locum Tenens after Residency

In looking ahead to next steps after you complete your residency program, should you seek a permanent position or try working as a locum tenens physician? There are a number of benefits to working locum tenens, benefits that can assist you in finding the best professional fit for you in the future.

Advantages of Including Locum Tenens NPs and PAs in Your Staffing Plan

With the number of physicians across the U.S. shrinking, resulting in a nationwide shortage, the medical field is evolving to deal with this trend. Physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) are becoming increasingly important as a response to this shortage. A 2011 study in the Research Synthesis report showed that physician assistants and nurse practitioners accounted for over 25 percent of the primary care workforce.

New Physicians Can Test Drive New Settings via Locum Tenens Jobs

Medical residents coming into the job market are in a difficult position. They have spent years learning how to treat patients but are expected to choose a permanent position with sometimes limited real-world practice experience. Medical school simply doesn’t prepare you for such a search and completing a residency program in a single location can be limiting in knowing which type of medical practice best meets your needs. Not surprisingly, almost 25 percent of new doctors leave their first position within five years of being hired.