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Case Study – Critical Care

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Administration at Pocono Medical Center, a mid-sized, not-for-profit hospital in Pennsylvania, has engaged Medicus Healthcare Solutions (Medicus) to provide an interim solution for clinical leadership, staffing, and overall performance of its Critical Care Unit.


The hospital’s Critical Care Unit was being staffed by pulmonary physicians and advanced practitioners. It became apparent rather quickly that this staffing model was disruptive and could not support the 24/7 coverage needed to provide quality care to their patients. In addition to inadequate coverage of the unit, there was no leadership in place to drive and manage its overall performance. The hospital needed to address the following challenges:

  • Leadership: Identify leadership to ensure all policies, procedures and performance metrics were being met; Leapfrog Group scores had recently dropped two grades.
  • Physician Burnout: Providers were experiencing burnout trying to manage clinic responsibilities while rotating through the ICU.
  • Inconsistent Coverage: Night coverage was inconsistent, putting tremendous pressure on the nursing staff.


To address these challenges, the hospital engaged Medicus to identify an interim leader, as well as provide an interim team of intensivist physicians and advanced practitioners to staff the unit. Through our consulting and transition management services, we furnished the community hospital with a solution that included:

  • Identifying and providing an interim medical director for the unit who has proven critical care leadership experience, as well as experience with and understanding of The Leapfrog Group methodology.
  • Providing an experienced team of intensivists physicians who met the coverage requirements needed.
  • Incorporating advanced practitioners into the staffing model to ensure 24/7 coverage.
  • Management and responsibility for the unit’s coverage needs, scaling coverage up or down as dictated by volume.


Through Medicus’ consulting and transition management services, the performance of the hospital’s Critical Care Unit has improved significantly. Medicus was able to satisfy the need for an interim medical director— who ultimately assumed the role permanently, as well as stabilize the unit with 24/7 coverage with intensivist physicians and advanced practitioners. The Medicus Solution has:

  • Provided an increase in the overall quality and management of the hospital’s Critical Care Unit.
  • Enabled the hospital’s pulmonologists to focus on providing quality care to their patients in their respective clinics.
  • Resulted in a permanent medical director who is not only providing strategic direction for the unit, but also provides hands on clinical care.
  • Helped the facility achieve a Leapfrog Hospital Safety Score of “A” again in Spring 2017.
  • Provided continuous 24/7 coverage of the unit.
  • Supplied approximately 100 MD shifts between October 2016 and May 2017
  • Supplied approximately 50 NP shifts between October 2016 and May 2017
  • Exceeded expectations, per hospital’s CMO, with a Credentialing division that collaborated seamlessly with the facility’s team of credentialers to promptly and efficiently get locum tenens providers on the job.

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