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Case Study – Transition Hospital Medicine Program

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Administrators at Providence Health & Services, the largest healthcare provider in the state of Washington, engaged Medicus Healthcare Solutions (Medicus) to transition the Hospital Medicine program at Providence Centralia Hospital from an outsourced model to an employed model.


Coverage for the facility’s Hospitalist program was outsourced, and the service line of Hospital Medicine was not aligned with the hospital’s directives. The facility’s partner could not resolve the program’s challenges and support its coverage needs, which resulted in:

  • Scheduling challenges/ inconsistent coverage
  • Physician attrition
  • Turnover and a decrease in retention
  • The desire to move to a different staffing model


The health system engaged Medicus’ services, and we partnered with them to convert the facility’s Hospitalist program from an outsourced version to an in-house model. Through our Transition Program services, we have furnished and continue to provide the client with a solution that has included:

  • Identifying administrators’ endpoint and delivering a comprehensive assessment.
  • Collaborating with health system decision makers to create an integrated, sustainable employed program.
  • Recruiting a transition team of physicians to staff the Hospitalist employed program completely from day one, delivering 100 percent of the staffing solution as permanent providers are sought.
  • Establishment of a shared vision— regarding providers as partners— through the leadership and clinical expertise of O’Neil Pyke, MD, SFHM, Medicus’ chief medical officer.


Owing to our Transition Program services, the performance of the facility’s Hospitalist program has improved significantly. The Medicus Solution has:

  • Yielded and will continue to allow for an employed team of providers who are strong, stable, and becoming part of the hospital’s fabric.
  • Prevented gaps in coverage.
  • Enabled administrators to focus on hiring permanent physicians.
  • Improved continuity of patient care.
  • Achieved provider buy-in by ensuring physicians supplied for the project were supported and included in the process.
  • Had a significant impact on shifts of coverage. (Initially, Medicus provided 180 shifts of coverage a month, which has now scaled down to approximately 100 shifts.)
  • Provided a swift transition to ensure the facility is fully staffed by the end of 2017.

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