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Case Study – Transition Radiology Program

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Administration at a Missouri- based hospital system that also provides full-service healthcare to regions in other states engaged Medicus Healthcare Solutions (Medicus) to transition its Radiology program from a group model to an in-house employed model and provide interim clinical leadership.


The health system wanted to improve standard of patient care via an employed model that could continue to grow and provide better coverage. An outsourced group had been staffing the health system’s entire Radiology program. While the arrangement was lucrative, the group was habitually short-staffed, which resulted in:

  • Lack of alignment between administration and the outsourced group
  • Inconsistent coverage, putting a strain on radiologists and creating a reliance on teleradiology services
  • Need for an interim medical director to create and implement policies, procedures, and protocols for the employed program
  • Physician burnout and decreased satisfaction due to absence of appropriate coverage


Medicus had been providing locum tenens staffing services to the health system’s outsourced group since 2010. When the health system decided to change its Radiology program to an employed model, discussions moved from the group to the administration. Medicus was engaged to provide consulting services and a temporary medical director, and put together a transitional team to deliver interim coverage until permanent radiologists were hired. The solution we provided included:

  • Meeting with stakeholders—including incumbent radiologists transitioning to the employed staffing model, referring physicians, and the administration—to develop a cohesive implementation strategy
  • Recruiting a team of experienced radiologists to fully staff the program on an interim basis
  • Identifying and providing an interim medical director with proven leadership experience who could also create policies, procedures, and protocols for the employed program.
  • Satisfying administrators and referring physicians’ criteria in terms of quality control, subspecialized coverage, schedule management, and process
  • Assistance with structuring a competitive compensation model and packages. Interviewing, hiring, and training a permanent radiology medical director
  • Partnering with the system’s permanent recruitment team to attract, hire, and retain the best candidates for a sustainable on-site employed model
  • Helping the health system pilot an on-site evening shift program


The original time frame was extended several times as a result of modifications to scope midway through the project and a natural disaster that created a need for additional coverage—not only for the Radiology program, but also for Emergency Medicine and Hospital Medicine. Through our consulting and transition program services, we were able to help the health system prosper by providing interim leadership and locum tenens staffing services, and meeting its unexpected needs. The Medicus Solution:

  • Created alignment between Radiology and the administration, which resulted in better quality and management and a flourishing program
  • Increased the satisfaction of patients and referring physicians
  • Improved retention of quality permanent radiologists
  • Resulted in the hiring of an experienced permanent medical director
  • Provided for a better breadth of services in terms of hours, types of modalities, and studies performed
  • Satisfied the health system’s sudden short-term staffing needs for two additional programs

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