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Case Study – Urgent Care Transition

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296-bed acute care facility in New Hampshire.


With a 124-year track record for success, this New Hampshire-based health system opened its first urgent care facility in 2007. However, despite extensive market analysis they weren’t prepared for the tremendous success of the facility and were chronically understaffed. Initially, this had a negative impact on their brand, patient satisfaction and ultimately, their bottom line. While the experience of opening their first facility was painful, they learned that hiring a strategic partner to help mitigate the risks of under-staffing future facilities, would be vital to their success.


With nearly a decade of experience providing supplemental medical staffing solutions, Medicus understood the importance of remaining nimble to meet fluctuating patient demands when this New Hampshire health system opened their second urgent care facility. As a natural extension of the organization, Medicus provided:

  • a balance of physicians and advanced practitioners to stabilize their physician schedule and minimize staffing costs;
  • all on-boarding, credentialing and travel for supplemental physicians; and
  • a single point of contact for all the new urgent care facility’s staffing needs.

While Medicus managed 100% of the physician schedule, the hospital was able to focus efforts entirely on recruiting the permanent physicians and advanced practitioners needed to achieve long-term success, meet patient volumes and increase efficiencies across the facility.

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