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Case Study – Continued Expansion

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Administration at a healthcare delivery system in western New York engaged Medicus Healthcare Solutions (Medicus) to provide locum tenens staffing services as well as assistance with the attraction and retention of physician candidates for permanent opportunities to fully staff its growing Hospitalist program.


In mid-2016, as the facility prepared to expand its Hospitalist program, it was faced with the immediate need to recruit for an opening created by the departure of one of its nocturnists. Shortly thereafter, its demand for physicians further increased as a result of other retirements and resignations. The facility was experiencing challenges in finding and recruiting quality area candidates for the continued expansion of its Hospitalist program and meeting current coverage needs, both temporarily and on a permanent basis, which resulted in:

  • Scheduling issues
  • A lack of consistent coverage
  • Additional stress on existing, regular staff
  • A decrease in retention
  • The need to offset loss of hospitalists nearing/planning for retirement


Medicus was first engaged by the healthcare organization eight years prior to provide assistance with staffing its Hospitalist team. The staffing services we delivered resulted in a fully staffed program. Due to the program’s continued expansion, increased staffing demands, and the successful relationship it has enjoyed with Medicus, the facility sought our services once again, which have included:

  • A comprehensive assessment
  • Experienced locum tenens hospitalists to fully staff the Hospitalist program on an interim basis
  • Assistance with the recruitment of permanent staff
  • Weekly meetings to review progress, resolve any issues and/or potential challenges, and support a shared vision
  • Physician coaching
  • “On demand” consultation from Medicus Chief Medical Officer O’Neil Pyke, MD, SFHM
  • Actionable steps on how to better structure the program for optimal success


The performance of the facility’s Hospitalist program has improved significantly, owing to our services and ability to swiftly meet unexpected needs. The Medicus Solution:

  • Maintained 100 percent of facility’s schedule from the onset of our partnership—going from 15, to 45, and then to 60/half of the program’s shifts—in response to increased demands for coverage, with our physicians picking up approximately nine shifts a month (four above the locum average)
  • Provided and continues to effect a steady schedule, mostly utilizing the same physicians for nearly a year to prevent gaps in coverage and offer greater stability
  • Satisfied sudden staffing demand for pediatric hospitalist coverage and is now providing assistance to the facility in the addition of 30 mid-level shifts
  • Helped physicians achieve seamless integration, become a vital part of the team
  • Improved continuity of patient care
  • Anticipates the Hospitalist program to be fully staffed in 2018

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