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Could Recruiting Be the Career of Your Dreams?

Rebecca Rodriguez

Rebecca Rodriguez, a recruiter with the Medicus Locum Services division, talks about her profession and how a career alternative she knew so little about just five years ago has become the job of her dreams. Read on to learn more about her experience.

When I was growing up, going to college was not a topic frequently discussed. On the occasions it did come up, the notion was generally considered more of a pipe dream than a plan.

One day, Rebecca will go to Harvard and become a lawyer.

Though the idea of attending the Ivy League university was certainly appealing, I had not really prepared for it academically. And even if I had, acceptance would not have been guaranteed.

So I knew I had to find a new dream.

Success, defined

Like a lot of young people, I knew that I wanted to make money and be successful. Fast-forward five years, and I can tell you that recruiting has helped me meet those early goals and so much more.

It’s funny how something I was basically clueless about a few years ago has changed my life so drastically. I didn’t really know what being a recruiter entailed. Yet today, I am enjoying an exciting, rewarding career that is more than I could have ever imagined. Bonus: it’s lucrative, too! (As I often say, money follows when you love what you do and you do what you love.)

Like anything worthwhile, being a successful recruiter takes diligence and commitment, as well as time and patience. Again, it can provide for a very comfortable lifestyle. In fact, a number of locum tenens staffing company recruiters earn six figures a year. But even more important, this career can give you the power to change your life and the lives of others every single day.

A successful recruiter understands that his or her job is about helping people and building relationships. It requires excellent listening skills—the ability to really hear someone’s story, desires, and concerns—providing guidance and solutions, and genuinely caring about the people you serve.

In the morning, I could be working with several physicians who are looking for their next opportunity. Later in the day, I might be helping an advanced practitioner in a permanent position find part-time locum tenens work, so he can earn extra income to put toward his retirement or pay down a student loan. Then again, I could be working with a facility administrator who is concerned that her hospital’s doors are going to close without securing locum tenens coverage, stat!

No matter the scenario, I have the ability to make a real difference in others’ lives. Heady stuff, right?

Being relentless

Another element of recruiting that I thoroughly enjoy is the challenge. I am a fiercely competitive woman who loves to win, so I am constantly testing my limits and pushing myself to go farther. There can be ups and downs, as with any profession. But part of achieving success is learning how to ride the waves and what you do to rally back. So are these key components: hard work, dedication, and persistence. At Medicus Healthcare Solutions, we call it being relentless.

If you decide to take this career path, you will likely find that your fellow recruiters share your passion and the same ambitions. And who knows? Like me, you just might turn an old dream into a new, invigorating reality.

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