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Consulting Services

Staffing alone doesn’t help solve problems.

We help you plan and structure your service lines for optimal quality, operational efficiency, and financial performance by approaching your organization’s unique challenges in phases. In addition to providing a detailed assessment, we identify opportunities and create a customized strategy—tailored to your specific needs—to help you achieve your goals.

Our dedicated consulting teams can assess your facility or practice from the bottom up in the following areas:

Financial Performance
  • Cost containment or savings
  • Revenue and margins
  • Awareness of and commitment to organizational and financial goals
  • Ability to reinvest for organizational growth
Patient Satisfaction and Service Excellence
  • Patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Core measurement scores
  • Public perception and reputation
  • Competitive positioning
Quality of Care
  • Patient throughput
  • Efficiency in service delivery
  • Provider performance
  • Clinical service
Leadership and Engagement
  • Ability to recruit and retain highly qualified providers
  • Physician-hospital alignment
  • Leadership succession program to sustain a high-performing organization
  • Physician satisfaction and skill development
  • Staff buy-in and commitment to improving patient experience

As a committed partner, we not only help you pinpoint problem areas, perform root-cause analyses, and identify opportunities for improvement but also assist you in restructuring and aligning your organization to gain optimal continuity of care while driving top- and bottom-line results.

With expertise across numerous medical specialties, we can provide you with customized services to help you compete in today’s constantly changing healthcare environment in the following ways:

  • Restructure: When your service line requires retooling, we employ exclusive tools to design the optimal structure, and then partner with your leaders to implement the changes necessary for sustained success.
  • Launch: We can facilitate all aspects of launching a department or program and provide the necessary clinical resources to implement and support a program launch, as needed.
  • Transition: Whether you are replacing a group model with an employed physician model—or vice versa—or changing a contracted service from one vendor to another, we can advise and support you to ensure a smooth transition, providing any interim staffing services you might require.

Medicus Healthcare Solutions’ Three-Pronged Approach

1. Assessment:

  • Pre-visit review of preliminary data
  • Onsite interviews with key stakeholders, which includes verification of data to ensure accuracy
  • Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data
  • Report of findings and recommendations

2. Implementation of recommendations: We work directly with the client over a period of three to six months to implement changes and achieve desired results.

3. Advisory services: Receive ongoing services to support the program as needed, including—but not limited to—consultative support, periodic assessment of performance on key metrics, interim leadership, training, recruitment, and scheduling.

We have worked with Medicus over a period of about 7 years. They are professional, prompt, responsive and pleasant, not always something you see in companies.”
–Client Testimonial