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How to Improve Your Healthcare Organization’s Hiring Process in 5 Steps

Attracting and retaining quality clinicians is both the key to success and a top challenge for hospitals, practices, clinics, and health systems around the country. Physician burnout, turnover, and provider shortages add to the pressure of finding (and keeping) the best candidates.

How can you ensure that you hire doctors, advanced practitioners, and CRNAs who will not only fill open positions, but also provide continuity of care and help your organization thrive? Improve your hiring process. Here are five suggestions to help fine-tune your strategy:

  1. Write better job descriptions. A more effective job description can grab the attention of the healthcare professionals you seek. Highlight your organization’s mission, culture, and values, and let candidates know what they could expect as a valued member of your team. In addition to including appealing aspects, such as flexible scheduling and a supportive, positive working environment, be very specific about responsibilities and required skills. Once you have clearly defined the position and your expectations, if possible, ask a provider in a similar position to review the description and provide feedback. This measure can help to ensure that you have appropriately captured what the job entails. Before publishing it on your website and/or posting it on a third-party job board, give the description a good once-over to make sure it reads well and has no typos or grammatical errors.
  2. Welcome—and actively encourage—referrals from staff. Employees can be an excellent resource. They may know a clinician who is actively seeking a new position and would be a perfect fit. In addition, they likely have a number of connections who are not looking for a new job, but may become interested in an opportunity at your organization when they learn about it from a trusted friend. Let your staff know when you have job openings, and invite them to connect you to potential candidates. In addition, be sure to inform employees as to the success of their recommendations, and recognize and thank them for their referrals. If you do not already have one in place, you may want to think about implementing a formal employee referral program.
  3. Look to hire from within when possible. You may already have the right person for the job, if a member of your staff is qualified to do it and interested in the position. As many talent acquisition specialists can attest, one of the greatest benefits of hiring from within is ensuring a good culture fit. What’s more, a current employee has already demonstrated his or her loyalty to your organization, and you probably won’t have to invest the kind of time a new hire would require for learning new processes and/or being brought up to speed. Nevertheless, to ensure you make the best decision for your organization as well as the employee, you should adhere to the same process that your organization uses when evaluating external candidates.
  4. Consider a full-service approach to help address your staffing needs. Partnering with a reputable agency that offers locum tenens staffing services can simplify your recruiting efforts and assist your hospital, practice, clinic, or health system in meeting its critical coverage needs more quickly. As you search for, interview, and vet candidates, experienced locum tenens providers can deliver seamless coverage to your patients and do so for as long as you need them. Some firms also have dedicated permanent placement staffing divisions to help healthcare organizations with their long-term needs, or offer other staffing solutions, such as project and resource management and consulting services.
  5. Act quickly. The best physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and CRNAs are in high demand and short supply. Those who are available today will not remain so for long, so you need to be primed for action. As soon as you start to receive curricula vitae, review them swiftly yet thoroughly to establish which providers are a good match. Then schedule and conduct interviews, and contact references. To have a competitive edge, you must be able to carefully assess candidates and move quickly in the hiring process to extend job offers.

A solid plan of action coupled with good hiring practices can help you more quickly fill open positions with the best healthcare providers. Find out how Medicus Healthcare Solutions can assist you with your staffing needs by calling 855.301.0563 and speaking with one of our knowledgeable business development executives today.

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