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Locum Tenens Providers Can Help Your Facility Thrive

As the person tackling your facility or practice’s staffing needs, you are responsible for ensuring adequate coverage and the delivery of excellent patient care. Wouldn’t it be great to have a staffing solution that would also help your hospital, group, or clinic flourish? Consider partnering with a well-regarded locum tenens staffing company.

Here are a few ways that your business could prosper by adding locum tenens providers to its staffing mix:

Earn revenue

  • Finding a quality clinician to fill a vacant position typically takes time. You are looking for candidates who are not only competent, but who also would be a good fit with your regular staff, culture, and patient-care philosophies. Using a locum tenens professional until you are able to hire a permanent provider could help your facility or practice earn revenue it would otherwise lose.

Avoid additional malpractice insurance costs

  • To cover your hospital or group’s risks, you, undoubtedly, spend an immense sum on medical malpractice insurance every year. But, if you were to partner with a reputable locum tenens staffing company, you would not have to absorb the cost of malpractice insurance for the provider(s) the firm sends to your facility. Moreover, you could rest assured an esteemed staffing agency will employ a series of quality assurance measures in evaluating the healthcare professionals it places, verifying they are capable and experienced.

Assess permanent staffing needs

  • Maybe you have an immediate requirement for increased coverage, but you are not yet certain a permanent physician or advanced practice provider is the answer. If so, you could arrange to have a skilled locum tenens clinician on assignment at your facility for a specific period of time to better assess your staffing needs before you invest in a permanent solution.

Are you interested in learning more about how a locum tenens staffing solution could complement your success? Contact a respected locum tenens staffing company like Medicus Healthcare Solutions today and explore the possibilities.

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