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How Part-Time Locums with Permanent Jobs Benefit Healthcare Organizations

Female physicianAs working locum tenens becomes a more popular option for healthcare providers, it’s important for medical organizations to be aware of the advantages of employing them.

Availability. A permanently employed doctor doing part-time locums work will be staying in the same geographical area and will be available longer term. This can be the best of both worlds: your organization can enjoy a measure of continuity without a permanent, full-time obligation.

A road to permanency. A locums worker who is committed to one area may be working assignments as a way of staying marketable. Ongoing, regular locums assignments can act as a longer-term, working interview of sorts, and it’s not at all uncommon for such assignments to lead to permanent employment.

Patient care maintenance. If a physician is permanently employed, his/her locum tenens availability will often be limited to nights and weekends. These hours are especially helpful when a facility has on-call or trauma needs. Additionally, part-time locums physicians in your area can be available on short notice. The ability to maintain continuity of patient care, satisfaction, and profit is invaluable.  

Helping your permanent doctors avoid burnout. Having part-time locum tenens assistance available for vacations, sabbaticals, maternity leave, emergencies, and any other number of reasons relieves professional stress and minimizes the potential for burnout.

Cost. Medical facilities naturally worry about the costs associated with locum tenens workers. Providers are paid an hourly rate, with none of the costs associated with permanent positions, such as healthcare and other benefits, or malpractice insurance. Hiring locums generally works out to be the same cost as hiring a permanent provider and in many cases, is more cost-effective.

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