Medicus Healthcare Solutions

Medicus Healthcare Solutions Announces the Introduction of mSolve, an Innovative, Solution-Focused Standardized Practice

mSolve logoToday, Medicus Healthcare Solutions introduced mSolve, an innovative diagnostic process that customizes staffing solutions for healthcare facilities.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of this revolutionary method of analyzing and diagnosing staffing needs to personalize products for each client’s unique requirements and challenges,” says Cristina Muise, the company’s president.  “Through this tailored program, Medicus Healthcare Solutions not only disrupts the traditional staffing model, but also helps our clients save money and improve patient satisfaction.”

A direct contrast to the industry norm of “one size fits all” staffing products, mSolve simplifies clients’ challenges by tailoring an alternative staffing strategy to help their healthcare organizations better achieve defined goals. The unique, five-step analytical process evaluates, diagnoses, customizes, executes, and ultimately solves staffing gaps, eliminating the need for the standardized products offered by other staffing firms.