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The ROI of Using Locum Tenens Staffing Services

Download our latest white paper to learn how using locum tenens staffing services can help your healthcare organization thrive, potentially save money, and improve your bottom line in the long run.

Business Implications of Cultural Humility in the Healthcare Setting

Want to boost patients’ trust and support the delivery of higher quality care while building business value and maximizing revenue? Download our latest white paper, “Business Implications of Cultural Humility in the Healthcare Setting,” to learn about the impact of social responsibility and six significant steps for healthcare leaders from Cristina Muise, president of Medicus Healthcare Solutions.

Attracting & Retaining Physicians in Rural America

Want to know what successful healthcare organizations in rural and underserved areas do to effectively recruit and keep top talent at their facilities? Download “Attracting & Retaining Physicians in Rural America”, our latest white paper, for comprehensive best practices and real-world solutions for hospital leaders from Medicus Healthcare Solutions’ senior vice president, Kerri Hall.

How to Improve a Fractured Hospital Medicine Program

How should hospitals interpret and respond to the shortage of qualified hospitalists? The answer includes more effective recruitment, but even more important, better retention strategies. In this competitive marketplace, hospitals…

Understanding Medical Malpractice

By Mark Ledger What are the different types of Medical Malpractice coverage available and what are the general/significant differences? There are really only two types of policies that are available…

Young Physicians’ Financial Options

By Gary Pittsford, CFP® President and CEO, Castle Wealth Advisors, LLC Young physicians who have just finished their residency have a lot of financial topics on their minds. Which student…

ED/Hospitalist Hybrid for Critical Access Hospitals

Implementing hospital medicine a challenge for critical access hospitals Only a decade ago, some questioned the benefits and sustainability of hospital medicine (HM). Today, over 80 percent of hospitals with…