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Vital News – Q4 | 2018

A Newsletter for Physicians, NPs, PAs, and CRNAs Interested in or Currently Practicing Locum Tenens.

C-Suite Monitor – Q3 | 2018

A Newsletter Dedicated to Providing Innovative Staffing Solutions for Healthcare Leaders.

Previous Newsletters

Vital News – Q3 | 2018

Summer Pet Travel Tips for Locum Tenens Providers, Take it Away: Packing Tips for New Locum Tenens Professionals, and more.

C-Suite Monitor – Q2 | 2018

3 Ways Locum Tenens Staffing Solutions Can Boost Your Bottom Line, How Medical Practices Can Increase Patient Referrals, and more.

Vital News – Q2 | 2018

Travel Document Checklist for Locum Tenens Providers, Anatomy of a Locum Tenens Contract: A Primer, and more.

C-Suite Monitor – Q1 | 2018

4 Approaches for Attracting Physicians to Rural Areas, How to Improve Your Healthcare Organization’s Hiring Process in 5 Steps, and more.

Vital News – Q1 | 2018

Locum Tenens Provider Profile: Akua Ampadu, 7 Tips on Becoming a Top-Tier Candidate for Locum Tenens Companies, and more.

C-Suite Monitor – Q4 | 2017

25 Questions Healthcare Organizations Should Ask Locum Tenens Companies, Improving Credentialing Processes at Your Healthcare Organization, and more.

Vital News – Q4 | 2017

Is Practicing Locum Tenens Right for You? Preparing for Your First Locum Tenens Assignment, and more.