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Physicians Want Quality Digital Support From Pharma

Executive and doctors with a tabletAnd four more news items for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and CRNAs to peruse this week.

  • An infographic, published by MM&M, highlights findings from Manhattan Research/Decision Resources Group’s Multichannel Payer Marketing Study. It shows that 43 percent of all physicians surveyed feel no pharmaceutical company is providing quality digital support for their day-to-day practice. (The highest percentage by specialty who participated in the study and believe this to be true: 48 percent of psychiatrists.)
  • Clinical Innovation + Technology reveals the findings of a study published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine about the use of medical scribes. Results show bringing scribes into primary care clinics to handle electronic health record (EHR) documentation has many benefits. In addition to decreasing physician burnout, the addition of scribes can increase physician satisfaction and restore physician joy in practicing.
  • A news release from UCLA Health shares results of a study, led by the university and recently published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine, on the quality and efficiency of physicians’ patient notes. Researchers found clinicians’ note-taking improved when they were provided with education and guidelines that stressed best practices. During the study period, participating physicians generated shorter, higher quality notes, which were also completed more quickly.
  • Engineers at the University of Connecticut have created a biodegradable-piezoelectric-pressure sensor, according to ScienceDaily. It is constructed of medically safe materials approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in surgical sutures, bone grafts, and medical implants and could help clinicians observe conditions from chronic lung disease to brain swelling. Unlike its implantable counterparts, the device can safely dissolve in the patient’s body.
  • A new Medscape study reveals that 42 percent of physicians experience burnout and 15 percent report feeling depressed. The former said they regularly have these feelings, with the highest rates representing critical care physicians. Seventy percent of those who indicated they have feelings of depression referred to them as “colloquial,” while 19 percent identified theirs as clinical.

Physician burnout and depression graphic
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