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Recognizing PAs and Their Benefit to Your Organization

A day into National Physician Assistant (PA) Week (October 6 – 12), you and your staff are undoubtedly continuing to shower the PAs who are part of your permanent team—as well as those working locum tenens at your facility or medical practice—with the recognition they deserve.

As reported by The Chronicle, the PA profession was created 50 years ago when—in response to an undersupply of physicians at Duke University Medical Center—Eugene Stead, MD, established the nation’s first PA program. Today, as our country faces a shortage of doctors, the PA profession is consistently identified as one of the fastest growing in the United States. Earlier this year, Forbes gave it top billing among “The 10 Most Promising Jobs of 2015.”

If you have yet to add PAs to your staffing mix, here are just a few of the extraordinary benefits your healthcare organization could be reaping.

  • Decreased workload. Perhaps your practice or facility is coping with seasonal demands or an influx of patients who were previously uninsured. An experienced PA could manage an array of tasks for you—from conducting physical exams and making diagnoses to returning patients’ calls and processing insurance claims—which could help alleviate stress among your staff, create flexibility in scheduling, and give your physicians more time to care for patients with complex healthcare needs.
  • Greater patient satisfaction. Difficulty in getting an appointment and long wait times are paramount among patients’ complaints. Hiring a PA or arranging for the services of one who practices locum tenens can give your patients the option of being seen by a skilled clinician in a more timely fashion.
  • Increased revenue. PAs play a significant role in the access to quality healthcare, offering value-based care at a sustainable cost. The services they provide are cost effective, and they can generate additional income for your practice or facility.

For more information on the advantages of working with non-physician providers, see our post titled, “5 Reasons to Consider Locum Tenens NPs and PAs,” and speak with a Medicus Healthcare Solutions staffing specialist today.

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