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Residents and Fellow FAQ

You have questions as a Resident or Fellow? Medicus has answers.

Full-Time Opportunities
Can you help me find a permanent position?

Yes. Few staffing companies will go above and beyond to make sure you need their services only once. At Medicus Healthcare Solutions, we have a strategic alliance with Optimum Permanent Placement Services.

Optimum Permanent Placement Services has a long-standing relationship with administrators and other decision makers at hospitals, clinics, and medical practices nationwide. Whether you have just launched your career or are an experienced physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or CRNA, Optimum Permanent Placement Services can help you find and secure a permanent position at a facility or other healthcare organization that is in sync with your professional and personal goals. They are knowledgeable recruitment professionals and will work closely with you to ensure your search for a permanent position results in the best fit based on your expertise, needs, and lifestyle.

Please visit or email to request a consultation to begin your permanent placement job search today!

Why would I work with a recruiter from a firm vs. directly with the facility?
When you work with Medicus Healthcare Solutions we are dedicating a Physician Advisor to help you with your search. This not only provides you with someone that is partnering with you to find you the right opportunity for you and our client—matching you with the right opportunity but this individual is your resource assisting with market compensation data, interview scheduling, coordination and preparation, and contract negotiation.
Do your clients offer sign-on bonuses and relocation? What is the average amount?
Typically, most of our clients will offer a sign-on bonus and relocation although some clients do not. The average sign-on bonus is $10,000 and relocation is $5,000.
Where do you have opportunities? What geographic locations?
We are a nationwide company. We work with hospitals, health systems and group practices throughout the United States.
Do you have opportunities for physicians requiring J1 or H1b Visa sponsorships?
Yes. We have many clients that will sponsor J1 and H1b visas. You can work with one of our Physician Advisors to determine what opportunities are available in your desired geographic location.
What kind of orientation will I get?
Orientations are unique to each client setting. Some orientations are web-based while others are in person and include areas like: facility layout and access procedures, clinical process, EMR systems and safety protocols. Your Physician Advisor will have all the details regarding the client’s orientation process.
How long does it typically take to get licensed and credentialed? How quickly can I anticipate starting work after completing residency?
The length of time to get licensed and credentialed varies by state and facility. It can take as little as 6 weeks or as much as 6 months. Your Physician Advisor can guide you through the process and give you an estimate of what to expect based on your geographic preference and the facilities you are interviewing with.

Locum Opportunities

Can you help me find a locum assignment?
Yes! Medicus, can help in your search for a locum assignment. As a full-service physician staffing company, we are committed to helping physicians find the best career options. If you are looking for locum work, we will dedicate one of our Physician Advisors as a resource for you to walk you through the process.
What are the advantages of doing locum work after residency?
Doing locum work gives you the freedom and flexibility to have control of your own schedule. It also allows you to ‘test drive’ your future employer. It provides you and your future employer the opportunity to see if there is a mutual fit; you aren’t locking into a multi-year contract after a 1-day interview. Lastly, it allows you to focus on what you were trained to do, take care of patients—you do not have to get bogged down with the hospital politics.
What are the disadvantages of doing locum work after residency?
As a locum physician you are an independent contractor so you are not eligible for benefits through the locum company that you work for. However, Medicus does have a bonus program for full-time locum physicians that can assist in defraying the cost of obtaining benefits independently.
Do I need to be Board Certified to work as a locum?
No, not always. Many of our clients do not make it a requirement for work. It typically depends on the privileging requirements of the facility.
How long will it take to get licensed and credentialed? How quickly can I start working?
Once you’re presented to the client and they decide to move forward, the process of licensing and credentialing can start. This time span is dependent on several factors including your prior work history, state licenses, references and the client’s credentialing process. Some facilities have a shorter credentialing process for locum physicians and some states have a condensed licensing process as well which can be as short as 30 days or up to several months. Your Physician Advisor will have the details regarding the timeline.
What’s the typical length of locum assignment?
Most Locum assignments average 3 months in duration. However, depending on the practice, location and client needs, they may run longer or shorter. We have clients that are just looking for weekend call coverage and clients that we have been working with to provide coverage for years.
What kind of orientation will I get?
Orientations vary based on each client. Your Physician Advisor will be able to provide details of your orientation program prior to starting your assignment.
Can the term of the contract be extended or convert to a full-time, permanent position?
Yes! A locum assignment can be extended and you would have the option of extending your contract. If there is a mutual desire, a locum assignment could also turn into a full-time, permanent role.
If I complete Residency but plan to start a fellowship, can I do locum work as a fellow?
In most cases, yes! There are some fellowship programs that restrict fellows from working outside of the fellowship. This is typically outlined in your fellowship agreement. Most programs allow it; some may require prior approval from your Program Director.

Traveling with Locum

Who books my travel?
Our internal Travel Department helps put you at ease with most travel requests including car, hotel and airfare. We always have 24/7 availability for any travel emergencies and after-hours questions.
Who gets the travel points and miles?
You! You retain the benefits of any loyalty and reward programs.
Can my family join me on my travel?
Yes, many physicians make arrangements for their families to join them on locum assignments. In some cases, the client may even cover the cost of travel for the physician’s family.
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