Recruiting top talent at your medical facility can be challenging, especially in a highly competitive job market. While seeking the best candidate for the job, you must also fill scheduling gaps, keep operations running smoothly, and meet overall revenue objectives. Implementing actionable recruitment strategies can help you attract and hire top talent while standing out from the competition.  

Here are six easy ways you can boost your hiring strategy and curtail turnover within your organization. 

1. Referrals 

Creating an employee referral program can be a great way to source new talent while empowering current employees to be brand ambassadors. Referral programs help to reduce recruiting costs, create a more engaged team, and increase employee retention. Utilizing your current team helps to improve the quality of hiring and helps to reach passive job seekers that are not necessarily browsing jobs. Referrals are a great way to extend your marketing reach while securing top talent for your team. 

It is important to utilize effective communication strategies to inform your staff of any upcoming hiring intentions so they can easily leverage their network for expedited recruitment. Effective referral programs include clear parameters and guidelines. For example, one qualifying factor could be that the referring employee qualifies for the bonus only after the new hire has proven to be a fit and remains with the healthcare organization for a predetermined period.   

2. Culture

Many candidates characterize company culture as one of the major deciding factors when accepting a new position. Showcasing internal culture can be as simple as posting company events or employee-generated content on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook. These media channels help attract potential employees and generate increased engagement around your facility’s unique culture.  

It is also a great idea to create a landing page on your website that showcases your internal workforce culture. Publishing core values and employee testimonials helps establish transparency and can ultimately attract people that share the same values as your organization. Company culture is an easy way to set your facility apart from other potential employers and make a candidate’s decision much more straightforward.  

3. Events

Career fairs and trade shows act as the perfect opportunity to scout future talent. The face-to-face interaction (either in person or virtually) allows for a more personalized experience and helps your organization build awareness. Before attending, always be sure to secure a pre-attendee list so you can make sure the trip is worth it. Events increase the number of qualified resumes and applications you receive, allowing you to secure new talent or even passive candidates quickly.  

4. Targeted Marketing

The utilization of marketing communication tools can be one of the most important components of your recruiting strategy. Marketing open positions using email campaigns, job postings, or targeted advertising via Google or LinkedIn can help to engage both active and passive candidates. An effective marketing strategy can create significant advances in your procurement process.  

5. Leverage Strategic Partners

Partnering with a staffing solutions resource is an excellent idea if your medical facility has critical gaps in coverage that will ultimately impact patient care. Interim staffing ensures continuity of quality care so you can stay focused on finding permanent providers. In addition, some locum tenens staffing firms havepermanent placementdivisions that provide a more comprehensive solution for your physician or Advanced Practice Provider staffing needs. 

6. Retention Strategy

Once you have attracted and secured top talent, the next challenge can be retaining new talent. It is essential to establish a retention strategy that will keep your employees happy and motivated. It can be as simple as recognizing contributions or offering workplace flexibility. Additionally, you can show your employees how much you value them through personalized experiences such as bringing them a cup of coffee prepared their favorite way or treating them to lunch at their favorite local spot. 

In conclusion, these six tips have proven to boost hiring strategies and reduce attrition. Implementing actionable recruitment strategies can help you attract and hire top talent while standing out from the competition.