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Simplify Your Recruiting Efforts with Locum Tenens Staffing

As a facility or group practice manager, it’s your responsibility to maintain patient services and revenue generation. However, finding top-quality physicians and advanced practice providers to fill open positions takes patience and time, by some estimates up to a year for a single clinician. In addition to expertise and stellar references, you undoubtedly would seek candidates with excellent communication skills who are flexible and will prove a good fit with your organizational culture.

Working with a locum tenens staffing firm could make your recruitment efforts more efficient.

Meet urgent coverage needs faster

In some instances, you may need to replace a clinician who has retired or left your healthcare facility or medical group. At other times, you could be looking for a provider to fill a newly created position. In either case, you would have a critical need for support.

While you invest the time to find, interview, and vet candidates, you could rest assured that locum tenens providers supplied by a reputable staffing company would come into your facility ready to work. These experienced professionals are adept at routinely adapting to new environments. What’s more, they can provide seamless coverage for the required duration, ensuring continued patient satisfaction and steady revenue streams.

Increase or develop a patient base

The competition for attracting and hiring a new doctor is stiff and is expected to become more intense with the looming physician shortage. A practice or hospital that seeks to build or add to patient numbers for a yet-to-be-hired physician would be a desirable option for clinicians reviewing opportunities. It also would constitute decision makers’ investment in the organization’s success, providing an additional incentive.

The locum tenens staffing alternative could be used to help you increase the number of new patients and grow your business. While you conduct your search for a permanent, full-time provider, a locum tenens doctor could fill the gap and deliver care to new patients. It’s also possible that an independent contractor who has assisted your organization in establishing a solid patient base might be interested in becoming a permanent member of your staff.

Thwart burnout to retain existing staff

Aside from frequently taking several months to fill, vacancies can put added pressure on busy providers, potentially causing them to become cynical or experience a loss of enthusiasm for their calling. Ensuring that your clinicians feel appreciated and are not unduly stressed is key to retention and your organization’s health, particularly as you search for additional staff.

Working with a renowned locum tenens staffing agency can help you secure the coverage you need to ensure that your providers are less likely to burn out, look for a position elsewhere, or take an early retirement.

Partner with a well-regarded company

To streamline your recruiting strategies, consider partnering with a respected locum tenens staffing company like Medicus Healthcare Solutions. In addition to supplying competent, qualified supplemental staff to ensure continuity of care throughout your search for candidates, some locum tenens staffing firms have a permanent placement division geared to providing long-term solutions.

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