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The Benefits of Doing Locum Tenens as a Way to Semi-Retire

Like many clinicians who have reached or are approaching the golden years of retirement, you may not be ready to stop working. Perhaps you find yourself at a crossroads, not yet wishing to hang up your stethoscope but no longer wanting to practice medicine full time. What are your options?

You could pursue an academic position or seek a part-time contract with your current employer or practice. With either option, you would be able scale back your hours and continue to answer your calling, but you would likely realize greater flexibility through locum tenens opportunities. Some of the advantages that you could expect from working locum tenens include:

Providing time and funding for volunteer efforts

Like many committed and caring providers, you may be interested in devoting your time and expertise to a worthy cause. Whether your aspirations include being part of an international mission trip or helping out at a nonprofit organization in your community, working locum tenens could provide you with the finances and flexibility to pursue your passions.

Traveling—as often as you like—before you are fully retired

Seeing the country is a goal that tops many retirees’ wish lists. With facilities throughout the United States in need of experienced physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, you would have no shortage of places to explore while on assignment. For locum tenens jobs within most government facilities, you would need one active, unrestricted state license. But if you would like to be placed in other settings, respected locum tenens staffing companies have dedicated divisions to assist you in acquiring licensure in other states. What’s more, your spouse or partner would be welcome to accompany you on your journeys.

Offsetting investment losses

The Great Recession cracked many a nest egg, causing countless healthcare professionals to rethink their retirement plans. Accepting a one-week assignment every month could help you recuperate your savings. And—depending on your desire and financial needs—you could choose to practice more frequently or less often, an attractive option and one that may not be possible through other professional opportunities.

Working locum tenens offers an excellent way to simultaneously step back from full-time practice and meet your personal objectives. Embark on your path to semi-retirement today by speaking with an experienced recruiter at Medicus Healthcare Solutions.

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