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Case Study – Transition Emergency Medicine Program, Not-for-Profit Acute Care Hospital


Leaders of an outsourced group that had previously worked with Medicus Healthcare Solutions (Medicus) accepted accountability for the Emergency Medicine (EM) program at a not-for-profit, full-service acute care healthcare organization based in New Hampshire. They engaged our company to assist them in providing the facility with exceptional, highly skilled clinicians.


The facility had worked with a subcontracted group that provided coverage for its EM program for nearly 20 years. Due to a shift in alignment and dynamics, its administration decided to transition to a different, larger group to better meet its needs. The new group assumed responsibility for the hospital’s existing Emergency Department (ED) contract under the assurance most of the physicians from the original group would remain at the facility for a given period. However, virtually none of the EM providers stayed, which led to:

  • A rapid decrease in retention of EM physicians
  • Concerns over possible scheduling challenges
  • The potential for a lack of consistent coverage in the ED
  • Likelihood of additional stress on existing staff
  • A crucial need for long-term, high-quality locum tenens staffing services


The new group sought Medicus’ services to help transition the gap. We swiftly mobilized to help them stabilize the situation and achieve the hospital administration’s desired results. Through our Transitions services, we delivered a solution that included:

  • Delivering a quick startup, a team of doctors scheduled within 15 days, to ensure a seamless transition
  • Providing high-end, top-quality clinical providers on a large scale who were able to hit the ground running and satisfy the hospital’s sudden staffing demands
  • Securing temporary licensure quickly, using New Hampshire’s licensing flexibility to go from providing zero to 60 shifts within a couple of weeks
  • Assisting locum tenens physicians in achieving flawless integration into the facility’s ED team
  • Improving continuity of patient care and satisfaction


As a result of our services, the new group thrived, and the program’s performance improved significantly. Medicus staffed most of the EM program from July 2016 to July 2017 and continues to provide some mid-level shifts for the ED. The Medicus Solution:

  • Managed 80 percent of the ED’s schedule
  • Helped to improve the quality metrics on which EDs are measured, such as improving LWBS to less than one percent and reducing door-to-doctor time to under 14 minutes.
  • Fulfilled an eleventh-hour request for locum tenens mid-level providers, managing between 20 and 30 shifts per month
  • Empowered group and hospital leadership to better focus on other important operational issues that come with a group change
  • Provided a swift and successful transition that removed all temporary doctors within eight months

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