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Case Study – Transition Emergency Medicine Program

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Administration at a non-profit health system in the state of Indiana engaged Medicus Healthcare Solutions (Medicus) to transition its Emergency Medicine program from an outsourced model to an in-house program.


Coverage for the health system’s Emergency Medicine program was outsourced. Alignment between the healthcare organization’s administration and its contract-management group was lacking and ultimately proved detrimental, which resulted in:

  • Scheduling challenges.
  • Inconsistent coverage for the Emergency Department.
  • A decrease in patient satisfaction.
  • An urgent need for reliable, high-quality locum tenens staffing services.
  • Client’s desire to self-manage its Emergency Department by moving to different staffing model.


The health system engaged Medicus’ services to provide experienced, dependable locum tenens physicians to staff its Emergency Medicine program. Our solution has included and/or continues to incorporate:

  • Delivery of an extensive assessment for arriving at the administration’s endpoint.
  • Bringing in quality physicians to staff the department to achieve a viable, cohesive in-house program.
  • Education to improve the scheduling process.
  • Maximizing providers’ efficiency to further patient care and satisfaction.
  • Developing a plan to enhance process flow and improve personnel issues.
  • Establishing a rapport between Medicus’ credentialing manager and the healthcare organization’s credentialing manager to better coordinate in streamlining the credentialing process.
  • Providing face time as needed to more closely collaborate with health system leaders.
  • Assuming full accountability for resolutions and the development of a game plan to resolve unforeseen issues.


As a result of our services, the performance of the health system’s Emergency Medicine program has improved significantly. Moreover, since the start of our successful partnership roughly a year ago, we are in the process of shifting the focus from supplying temporary staffing services to assisting with a permanent staffing plan. The Medicus Solution:

  • Stabilized the health system’s schedule/eliminated coverage gaps in Emergency Medicine physician coverage.
  • Benefitted continuity of patient care.
  • Enabled the health system to assume complete oversight of its Emergency Medicine program.
  • Surpassed the minimum commitment of 60 shifts a month, completing the schedule 80 to 90 percent up to four months in advance, a rare accomplishment in Emergency Medicine.
  • Empowered the organization’s leadership to concentrate on other important issues.
  • Is creating an infrastructure to support a strong team of physicians who meet quality standards and are invested in the health system’s success.
  • Will assist the health system with the acquisition of permanent providers.

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