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Case Study – Transition Psychiatric Program, Acute Care Hospital

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Administration at a Florida-based, fully accredited acute care facility engaged Medicus Healthcare Solutions (Medicus) to transition its mental health services program’s multi-agency staffing model—which utilized several supplemental staffing firms and proved unwieldy—to a single-point-of-contact solution for its locum tenens coverage.


The healthcare organization had been unsuccessful in recruiting and retaining permanent psychiatrists for its mental health services program. Hospital leaders were unhappy with the performance of the staffing model, and coverage was provided by locum tenens providers from various healthcare staffing companies, which resulted in:

  • Numerous locums rotating through, generating added expenses for flights and other items
  • Management of coverage becoming unsustainable
  • A sporadic schedule, causing additional challenges
  • An incessant need to backfill due to locum tenens provider cancellations
  • Further stress on leadership and independent contractors alike


After conducting a comprehensive assessment, Medicus determined that implementing a transition program would provide stability both for the healthcare organization’s mental health services program and its patients. Our solution included and continues to:

  • Provide a single point of contact for management of all locum tenens healthcare professionals
  • Assume accountability for the full schedule
  • Deliver clinicians who have longer-term continuity of availability to better meet the program’s coverage needs
  • Empower the facility’s leadership to focus on other important administrative and operational issues


The performance of the facility’s mental health services program has greatly improved, and Medicus continues to assist our client facility in meeting its goals. The Medicus Solution:

  • Provides continuous coverage with clinicians dedicated to contributing to the program’s long-term success
  • Increases the overall quality and management of the facility’s mental health services program
  • Decreased additional expenses incurred in relation to the rotation of providers
  • Affords ongoing coverage without interruption, thereby stabilizing the program
  • Delivers continuity of quality patient care

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