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Case Study – Transition Psychiatric Program, Behavioral Health Facility

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Administration for a build-to-suit behavioral health organization in Massachusetts secured a partnership with Medicus Healthcare Solutions (Medicus) while breaking ground on a new facility to ensure it would be appropriately staffed and managed when its doors opened in late 2016 as well as on an ongoing basis.


Facility decision makers needed to obtain staffing services based on their target dates, from both an opening standpoint and census ramp-up perspective. They required continuous coverage, but did not want to take the traditional locum tenens route. Their goals included:

  • Acquiring a reputable, collaborative partner to work with them exclusively
  • Circumventing, at least initially, Massachusetts’ lengthy licensure process for permanent clinicians through use of independent contractors
  • Procurement of full, quality coverage
  • Meeting deliverables
  • Providing a unique and superior patient experience
  • Achieving a stellar standing in the community


Engaged as the sole supplier of the facility’s coverage, Medicus provided a solution that included and/or continues to comprise:

  • Fluidity throughout the facility’s construction process in terms of accommodating delays, punch list items, and other issues
  • Accountability for the entire schedule
  • Fulfillment of full-time weekday coverage with physicians prepared to provide services on a long-term basis
  • Satisfaction of the Doctor on Call (DOC) requirement for weekday and weekend coverage, unique to Massachusetts, which stipulates a provider must be physically on-site 24 hours a day to take admissions (not common for behavioral health hospitals in other states)
  • Insulation of the facility’s reputation


Owing to Medicus’ transition services, our client is thriving. In addition to ensuring staffing stability, the Medicus Solution:

  • Delivers seamless coverage through physicians invested in contributing to the behavioral health facility’s lasting success
  • Enabled the facility’s retention of one of our full-time providers on a permanent basis
  • Provides continuity of quality patient care
  • Supplies 24/7 provider coverage to meet the facility’s DOC requirement, an obligation mandated by Massachusetts’ Department of Mental Health
  • Helps ensure the organization’s good standing in the community as well as control of its message and rates
  • Is providing a nurse practitioner in Q2 2018 to enhance the staffing mix
  • Empowers the organization’s leadership to focus on permanent staffing and other issues

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