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Why I Love Being a Recruiter

RecruiterChoose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

In one variation or another, the above statement has been attributed to a number of notable people, from the philosopher Confucius to entrepreneur and author Harvey Mackay. While the reasons for being passionate about their jobs can differ from one person to the next, this quote is one that is sure to resonate with professionals who truly love what they do—regardless of who should be credited for the saying.

Every day, much of what our people do centers on building relationships, helping others, and making a real difference in healthcare. We believe promoting an environment that is positive, collaborative, and meritocratic is key for their success and happiness, as well as the satisfaction of the clinicians and facilities that partner with us.

Recently, we asked some of our recruiters why they love their job and what they consider its most rewarding aspect(s). Read on to learn what they told us.

“It is a demanding career, and I’ve learned there is a true art to matchmaking. Elevating oneself to a trusted advisor comes with hard work, tenacity, and skill. A lot goes into finding the perfect job for your candidate and/or the perfect candidate for your job. Overcoming obstacles makes my job fun and challenging, and in turn, will make me a better recruiter.

“I feel the most rewarding part of my job is knowing I’ve played a large part in taking providers through the whole recruitment process to then secure them their dream job. Knowing I helped change their lives for the better gives me great satisfaction. To create a good marriage between a candidate and client based on knowledge and influential skills I’ve developed throughout my career is an amazing achievement.”

Deavin Boehme, Physician Advisor
Optimum Permanent Placement Services

“I love being a recruiter because it allows me to develop meaningful relationships with psychiatrists, my practice, and my colleagues. As a result, I’m able to get to know the providers I work with on professional and personal levels, enabling me to better direct them to available opportunities and create a win-win for the doctors, Medicus, and myself. No two days are alike in recruiting, which keeps me busy and engaged as I work to grow future business.”

Tim Callahan, Recruiter

“When I finished school, I had no idea what I wanted to do; I just knew it would have to be something I loved. The challenge was finding a career that met all of my criteria. I wanted a job that would allow me to grow my financial compensation to heights I wanted to reach; genuinely challenge me, making me use analytic thinking and problem-solving skills; and require interaction with new people on a daily basis. Also, as much as I wanted my personal success to be dependent on how hard I was willing to work, I wanted to be a part of a team. Having an opportunity that required me to learn new things every day would be a bonus.

“I am very lucky to have landed in this role and so grateful that friends suggested I look into it because I wouldn’t have thought of it on my own. Being a recruiter meets everything I was looking for in a career. My job is something that I love to do every day, but also a vital necessity to clients and communities with a real need. What’s more, I’ve found that recruiting satisfies a criterion I hadn’t thought of initially: doing work that matters.”

Jackie DelMonte, Recruiter
Hospital Medicine – East

“I had not recruited before coming to Medicus and didn’t realize the size of the locum tenens staffing industry. Having been here for close to a year, I think I have a good idea of what it takes to be a successful recruiter. Adapting to changing situations, helping someone explore professional opportunities, and having relentless determination are skills you utilize every single day, and I have been able to hone them here. The fast-paced environment, building relationships with both internal and external business partners, the need to be extremely organized, and inevitable personal growth are just a few of the reasons I love being a recruiter.”

Chris Finlay, Associate Recruiter
Medicus Locum Services

“I get to talk to interesting people every day, help build relationships, and be an advocate for someone’s livelihood. I love seeing my team grow and pushing them to their fullest potential. Also, we have a lot of fun!”

Haillie MacNeill, Team Lead, CRNA

“I have been with Medicus for about nine months. Having worked in different industries in the past, coming into healthcare staffing was a quite the move for me. I want to keep working hard to improve daily and challenge myself to get to where I want to be. It is awesome to partner with people who help save lives every day!”

Alina Martinez, Recruiter
Primary and Urgent Care

“Being a recruiter allows you to be an expert in any field, providing guidance to even the most accomplished and qualified individuals in a given profession. Though we may not be directly involved in the day-to-day life of those doing the jobs we recruit for, being able to utilize expert market knowledge to influence professional direction for those in search of change is very rewarding.”

James Paull, Recruiter, Team Lead

“I joined Medicus as a recruiter in the Radiology department and couldn’t be happier. I work with the greatest group of people who care about one another and push each other to excellence every day! Becoming a recruiter has provided me with great training, potential for leadership positions, and the kind of financial freedom I had not previously enjoyed. I hadn’t been a recruiter before coming to Medicus, but it is a perfect fit for me and my skill sets. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity and growth that has—and will continue to—come with it.”

Michael Perry, Recruiter

“It gives me the opportunity to build relationships with people I normally wouldn’t have the chance to meet. I learn so much about the healthcare industry from the physicians I speak with that I would not have discovered otherwise. Getting a doctor’s perspective is invaluable, and it has allowed me to enjoy educated conversations and different insights with peers outside of the workplace.”

Joseph Tammik, Recruiter
Hospital Medicine – West

“I love meeting and talking with new people. To me, relationships are everything and as a recruiter, I constantly get to develop new ones. (I’m the kind of guy who will start a conversation with just about anyone and take an hour checking out at the grocery store because of it.) Every day is a challenge, but also fun and intriguing. I not only learn about the radiologists I work with, but also the radiology market, an area I hadn’t previously considered. Timing is everything. I am very happy with the decision I made a little over three years ago and cannot imagine working with a better group of people.”

Craig Thomas, Team Lead

If you are interested in becoming a recruiter with Medicus Healthcare Solutions or know someone who would be a good fit, please call 855-301-0563 to speak with one of our Talent Acquisition partners. Also, check out “4 Reasons Being a Recruiter Rocks,” “6 Tips for Enjoying a Successful Career in Recruiting,” and “Could Recruiting Be the Career of Your Dreams?” To learn more about all employment opportunities with our company, visit the Work at Medicus page.