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Why Working Locum Tenens after Residency is an Attractive Option

Medical school graduates who are completing their residency program are becoming increasingly more deliberate before choosing a full-time position. A natural solution that supports exploring all of your options is to choose locum tenens work, which simply means “to take the place of someone temporarily.” It is an opportunity to step into the shoes of a permanent physician for a variety of reasons. There are many advantages for new physicians in working locum assignments, such as these listed below.

1. Competitive pay/supplemental income. Whether exclusive or in addition to permanent work, locum tenens assignments are lucrative. If you choose to work locum tenens for supplemental income, it is the perfect way to save for large purchases or pay off burdensome school loans. If you take a locum assignment full time, most employers pay competitively and include housing, travel, and medical malpractice insurance costs in the benefits package.

2. Flexibility. You may not want to go from being a burned-out resident to being a burned-out physician. Physician burnout is an unfortunate byproduct of the medical profession, and locum tenens assignments can help you avoid the very stresses that cause it, from excessive paperwork to the stresses of managing a practice. Locum tenens physicians choose their schedule and location and work only until it’s time to go home for the day.

3. A variety of experiences. Temporary assignments allow physicians to experience not only a new city or state, but different medical practices and cultures. Medical school does give you an understanding of the type of professional experience you’re looking for, but locum tenens work provides added opportunities for professional exploration. Working locum tenens can provide you with an informed set of priorities and experiences before you decide it’s time to settle on a permanent position.

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