If you are eligible, you can now apply for licensure in multiple states through one application in the Compact. However, the states need to be participants in the IMLC. Today, almost 80% of physicians in the United States are eligible for IMLC licensing.


  • =Compact Legislation Introduced
  • =IMLC Member State serving as State of Principal License (SPL) processing applications and issuing licenses
  • =IMLC Member State non-SPL issuing licenses
  • =IMLC Passed; Implementation In Process or Delayed
  • =No Status

Here are the requirements needed to receive licensure through the IMLC.

  1. In order to begin, you must possess a valid, unrestricted medical license from an IMLC-recognized state. This is called your State of Principal License (SPL).

In addition, at least ONE of the requirements below must apply:

  1. Your primary residence is in the SPL
  2. At least 25% of your practice of medicine occurs in the SPL
  3. Your employer is located in the SPL
  4. You use the SPL as your state of residence for U.S. Federal Income Tax purposes

To remain active within the Compact, you must always maintain your SPL status. In addition, there are several general eligibility requirements for physicians. These include not having a criminal history, graduating from an accredited medical school, and more. Visit the IMLC website to learn more about application requirements.

If you fulfill the necessary qualifications, you can begin the application process by going to the IMLC website or speaking to the Medicus licensing staff. Make sure you meet the requirements before submitting your application, as the fee to apply is non-refundable.

How Medicus locum tenens can help with the licensing process:

  • Serves as your dedicated personal advisor
  • Prepares and advises you of the necessary documentation
  • Assists in the cost of the application
  • Covers the license application fees

If you are interested in working locum tenens assignments and traveling across state lines, the IMLC can be a valuable tool in obtaining licensure in multiple states with ease and efficiency. Locum tenens physicians play a crucial role in maintaining a continuity of care during physician shortages or gaps in coverage. Participating in the IMLC enables you to respond quickly to healthcare needs in different states or rural areas. This ensures uninterrupted and high-quality care delivery for our communities.

If you want to take advantage of the IMLC licensing process, contact us at imlc@medicushcs.com.