Can you help me find a permanent position?

Yes! Medicus Healthcare Solutions’ permanent division, Optimum Permanent Placement Services, has exclusive permanent positions at hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities nationwide. We work with you to ensure your search for a permanent position results in the best fit based on your expertise, needs, and lifestyle. Email us at to begin your permanent placement job search today! 

Can you help me find a locum tenens assignment? 

Yes! Medicus Healthcare Solutions is a full-service physician and advanced practitioner staffing company. Your dedicated recruiter will work with you to understand your unique goals and challenges, so we are positioned to help you find – and secure – a locum tenens assignment that meets your aspirations. Email us at to begin your locum tenens search today! 

What’s the typical length of a locum tenens assignment? 

Most locum assignments are about three months long. However, depending on the practice, location, and client needs, they may run longer or shorter. Some clients are just looking for weekend call coverage, and others are trying to find coverage for multiple years. 

Can I work a locum tenens assignment in addition to a permanent job?

Yes! Many permanent physicians will work locum tenens assignments in addition to their permanent job to pay down debt, check out new practice settings, travel to new places, and more. Check out our blog for a few benefits of concurrently having a permanent job and doing locum tenens work as a new doctor here

What are the advantages of doing locum work after residency or fellowship? 

There are many benefits of a locum tenens career post-residency or fellowship. Locum work offers the freedom and flexibility to control your own schedule, provides you with more time to focus on your patients, check out different locations, and more. 

What are the disadvantages of doing locum work after residency or fellowship? 

As a locum tenens physician, you are an independent contractor, so you are typically not eligible for benefits. However, Medicus offers an exclusive Loyalty Program for full-time locum tenens physicians that offers a complimentary subscription to health benefits and resources. Learn more about the My Medicus Loyalty Program here

If I complete my residency but plan to start a fellowship, can I do locum tenens work as a fellow? 

In most cases, yes. You also may need to receive prior approval from your program director. Some fellowship programs restrict fellows from working outside of the fellowship, but that’s usually outlined in your agreement. 

Can the term of the contract be extended or converted to a full-time, permanent position? 

Yes, a locum tenens assignment can be extended, and you have the option of adjusting your contract. If the hospital is a good fit, a locum tenens assignment could also turn into a full-time, permanent role.

When looking for a permanent position, why would I work with a recruiter from a firm vs. directly with the facility? 

Your dedicated recruiter will help facilitate all of the logistics. We ensure you are licensed in the states you want to work in, help format your CV, schedule interviews, and help negotiate contracts and rates on your behalf. In most cases, we know about job openings before they are even posted. When you work with Medicus Healthcare Solutions, we will ensure you are presented with new jobs that align with your career goals. 

Do your clients offer sign-on bonuses and relocation for permanent positions? What is the average amount? 

Although each client is different, most offer a sign-on bonus and relocation compensation. The average sign-on bonus is $10,000, and the relocation stipend is $5,000. 

Where do you have opportunities? 

We work with hospitals, health systems, group practices, and other medical facilities nationwide. 

How long does it typically take to get licensed and credentialed? 

Licensing and credentialing timelines vary by state and facility. The process can take as little as 6 weeks or as much as 6 months. This timeframe is determined by several factors, including your prior work history, state licenses, references, and the client’s credentialing process. Your dedicated recruiter will keep you apprised of the details regarding your timeline. 

What kind of orientation will I get? 

Your recruiter will provide the details regarding your assignment. Orientations are unique to each client setting and vary from web-based guidance, facility layout and access procedures, clinical processes, EMR systems, and safety protocols.

Do I need to be Board Certified or Eligible to work as a locum?

No, not always. Many of our clients do not make it a requirement for work, but it depends on the privileging requirements of the facility. 

Who books my travel when traveling on a locum tenens assignment?

Our internal travel department helps put you at ease by handling most travel requests, including car, hotel, and airfare, and has 24/7 availability for any travel emergencies and after-hours questions. 

Who gets the travel points and miles when traveling on a locum tenens assignment? 

You! We will link your personal hotel and flight membership IDs so you can earn points when traveling! After traveling with Medicus, redeem your points through the travel vendor and enjoy the rewards! In addition, through the My Medicus Loyalty Program, you are eligible for travel upgrades! 

Can my family join me on my travel? 

Yes, many physicians plan for their families to join them on locum tenens assignments!

Medicus Healthcare Solutions provides jobs for hundreds of physicians completing residency and fellowship programs each year. We will assign a recruiter to be your dedicated resource assisting in your search for the perfect permanent or locum tenens opportunity.