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What is a Locum Tenens Hospitalist?

Over 25 years ago, a significant milestone occurred in the field of medicine with the introduction of hospital medicine as a distinct specialty. The term "hospitalist" was first coined in an article published in 1996 by Dr. Robert Wachter, an internal medicine doctor, and colleague Lee Dr. Goldman. Today, it is estimated that there are 50,000 to 60,000 hospitalists currently practicing in the United States.

Locum tenens is Latin, meaning "to hold the place of". Locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners play a vital role in alleviating staffing shortages in the healthcare industry. As a locum hospitalist, your role involves bridging gaps in hospital coverage, guaranteeing that patients continue to receive uninterrupted quality care even when a hospital is facing staffing shortages. Locum tenens hospitalists play a pivotal role in maintaining adequate coverage during surges in patient volumes.

The field of hospital medicine is currently facing challenges, such as rising job stress and burnout among hospitalists. According to the most recent Medscape burnout report, over half of hospitalists experiencing burnout identified bureaucratic tasks such as charting and paperwork as the primary contributing factor. Being a Locum hospitalist offers you the chance to enjoy a flexible schedule while making a significant impact on the overall quality of care provided in communities across the nation.

Why Work as a Locum Tenens Hospitalist?

As a locum tenens hospitalist, you choose which assignments and what hours you want to work. This career flexibility and well-balanced lifestyle enhance your overall job satisfaction. You gain more control over your time and the ability to take breaks between assignments when needed. Locum tenens hospitalist jobs not only mitigate burnout but cultivate a healthier balance between your professional and personal life.

Moreover, the locum tenens hospitalist lifestyle liberates you from administrative burdens and empowers you to manage your workload effectively. During your free time, pursue interests and hobbies that make you happy. Whether you're passionate about traveling or yearn for more quality time with family, working as a locum hospitalist offers the freedom and flexibility to fully embrace your passions beyond your profession.

Embracing the role of a locum hospitalist, you enjoy the flexibility to explore an array of hospital environments, whether they're situated in vibrant urban centers or serene rural settings. If your passion lies in both traveling and contributing to communities grappling with shortages in hospital medicine staffing, becoming a locum tenens healthcare professional provides an ideal fusion of these interests. Furthermore, Medicus takes care of all the necessary logistics, allowing you to focus solely on delivering top-notch patient care and immersing yourself in the new state where your services are required.

For those who aim to strike a harmonious balance between their professional pursuits and personal life, there are opportunities for locum tenens hospital medicine roles available near your place of residence. This ensures you can maintain a healthy equilibrium between your career and personal commitments while serving your local community.

Whether your fascination leads you to explore far-off destinations or your preference lies in the comfort of your local community, hospital medicine locum tenens provides a diverse range of opportunities carefully tailored to align with your unique lifestyle and professional objectives. This all while continuing to make a meaningful impact in communities that are in dire need of hospital services.

As a locum tenens hospitalist, you have the opportunity to expand your network and enrich your clinical experience. Locum tenens hospitalist positions offer a distinct chance to engage in collaboration with a wide array of professionals from all over the country. Through your collaboration with clinical specialists and the establishment of valuable networking relationships, you have the chance to broaden your perspective and acquire insights from a variety of viewpoints. This teamwork with fellow hospital medicine practitioners not only serves to enhance your clinical expertise but also nurtures a robust and encouraging network, ultimately contributing to your professional development.

By working as a locum hospitalist, you can tap into a lucrative earning potential while also playing a crucial role in addressing staffing shortages in hospitals across the country. As a locum hospitalist, you have the opportunity to earn higher hourly wages compared to those in permanent positions. This increase in pay is mainly driven by the growing demand for hospital medicine services in certain areas, leading to a rise in compensation levels.

Moreover, being a locum hospitalist enables you to make a meaningful difference in the healthcare sector. When filling open positions at hospitals, you play a vital role in increasing access to hospital services and ensuring patients receive timely and accurate diagnoses. This is especially significant in areas unable to meet the demand for hospital medicine services. Locum tenens hospitalists play a crucial role in facilitating the seamless and efficient functioning of healthcare facilities, ensuring the prompt delivery of high-quality care to patients.

Why Work Hospitalist Locum Tenens Jobs with Medicus?

When you choose Medicus as your partner for hospital medicine locums, you benefit from a dedicated team of industry professionals who are committed to helping you navigate the ever-changing job market in hospital medicine. Our services extend beyond what a typical locum tenens agency offers, providing you with a wider range of opportunities.

Apart from the typical locum tenens roles, Medicus offers a distinctive initiative to hospitalist physicians and advanced practitioners known as Transition Projects. These exceptional opportunities enable you to apply your expertise and experience to make a positive difference in communities requiring your specialized skills.

Medicus offers locum hospitalists the opportunity to customize their career based on their preferences, whether they work full-time or alongside a permanent hospital medicine job. With Medicus, you have the freedom to choose when, where, and how you practice, allowing you to make a positive impact on others' lives while maintaining a healthy work-life balance and financial stability.

Benefits of Working as a Locum Hospitalist with Medicus:

Locum Tenens Hospitalist
  • Qualify for enrollment in the My Medicus Loyalty Program after completing your first shift.
  • Competitive hospital medicine pay rates.
  • Enjoy personalized health benefits along with financial and legal support services.
  • Dedicated locums hospitalist recruiter invested in your success.
  • Extensive coverage for medical malpractice incidents.
  • A reliable Travel Planner to book all hospital medicine locum tenens arrangements.
  • Renew and acquire new licenses with a dedicated Licensing Coordinator.
  • Simplify the process of hospital medicine locum tenens and ensure readiness to start work with your own Credentialing Contact.
  • Access a customized portal to monitor all hospitalist assignment details from beginning to end.
  • Receive payment by submitting timesheets through the Medicus portal.
  • Earn travel rewards and enjoy additional perks.
Locum Tenens Hospitalist

What It’s Like to Work Hospitalist Locum Tenens with Medicus,
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