Today, March 8th, Medicus Healthcare Solutions celebrates International Women's Day (IWD). This year’s theme is Embrace Equity. The purpose of IWD 2023 #EmbraceEquity is to bring awareness about why equal opportunities aren't enough. Together, let’s help to create an inclusive world.

International Women's Day marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality. It is a time to reflect on the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. People start from different places, so true inclusion and belonging require equitable action.

In honor of International Women’s Day (IWD), we are proud to celebrate the achievements of women and raise awareness for gender equality. At Medicus Healthcare Solutions, it is an honor to be able to work with incredible healthcare physicians and advanced practitioners, partners at healthcare facilities, and our very own coworkers. Here are a few pieces of advice from influential women whom we work with each day in the hopes of inspiring other women around them!

1. Be confident, take initiative, and embrace vulnerability.

The advice I would offer to women just starting their careers is to always be confident. Believe that you are just as capable as anyone else in the room. Be proactive and take initiative. 

Throughout your career, seek out opportunities to learn and grow. Don’t wait for something to be given to you, but instead, work really hard, continuously improve and challenge yourself, and good things will follow. 

Lastly, Don’t be afraid to seek out feedback and, most importantly, be vulnerable. Admit where you are not as strong and want to get better. I always struggled with this one, but by being vulnerable, you allow others around you to be vulnerable, and when this happens, you can really learn and grow from each other. Take the strengths of the collective and, as a result, form an amazing team!

- Heather, Chief People Officer

2. Know your value and never give up on your dreams.

I am an attending neurologist with a stroke specialization background. As a female South Asian physician, I am proud that we as a society have made so much progress as women/minorities in medicine. 

My advice to my other women in medicine is to know your value. You can have it all and be a phenomenal physician but also have a wonderful family/personal life. Never give up on your dreams! 

-Dr. P.D., Neurologist

3. Take on new challenges, and always be yourself.

Some of the most rewarding milestones in my career are a result of taking on new challenges and stepping out of my comfort zone. Have as much confidence in yourself as others have in you – it will open doors!

In addition, don’t be afraid to take advantage of the knowledge and strengths that surround you. The best leaders and teammates leverage the unique perspectives and strengths of all team members every day. Lastly, develop your own leadership style by always being yourself and guided by your values.

Alison Cohen, Director of Operations

4. Build each other up and find allies.

I am a cardiac anesthesiologist who grew up in Iowa and trained at the University of Chicago. The best thing you can do is keep plodding forward with your head up. Don't accept unequal treatment, and stand up for yourself. Always make your voice heard. 

The way to empower yourself and others around you is to build each other up. There can be so much rivalry between women in the workplace. Don't succumb to that. Strong women build each other up, not knock each other down.

Lastly, find allies in your workplace. Find other women who have already forged a path and join them. Or become a mentor to a younger woman who is starting to look at careers. We have strength in numbers!

- Dr. M.H., Cardiac Anesthesiologist

5. Never let perfection be a barrier to progress.

Take risks and have confidence in yourself to achieve your goals. It is okay not to be the expert; instead, use your strengths and resources to chart the best course of action. Never let the idea of perfection be a barrier to progress. Trust yourself and your capabilities, and you'll always exceed the goals you have set.

I encourage all women to push themselves outside of their comfort zone! New experiences open the door to opportunities that you wouldn't have otherwise had exposure to. Seek out leaders, peers, and mentors that encourage you, empower you, and support you and do the same for others!  

- Jessica Cunningham, Director of Talent, Culture, and Process

6. Purse your education and always keep smiling.

I pursued my nursing career ten years after graduating from High School. My family did not have the money for me to attend college, but later, I learned that there are other resources available to attend college, especially for nursing. It is important to know that getting started later is never too late!

As a Registered Nurse, I had a pretty flexible schedule and traveled the world before settling down again to pursue my FNP. After, I pursued a certificate program for my AGACNP. I have enjoyed the learning process along the way and found my niche in Hospital Medicine!

Whenever you are faced with an unfair situation, try to remain neutral, keep a positive attitude, and move forward. Instead of avoiding conflict, talk things out. Most incidents I have come across are likely caused by poor communication.

In addition, I always let my patients know that I am their provider. Many people are used to seeing a male figure in the provider role, and this can be one of the biggest obstacles as a Nurse Practitioner. Wearing a white coat does help, but not always.

Lastly, I encourage all women to stay positive and keep smiling. Always remind yourself that what you do is really great work! 

- C.P., Hospitalist Nurse Practitioner 


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