Medicus Healthcare Solutions, a leading healthcare staffing agency, announced today that they have won DecisionWise’s 2022 Employee Engagement Top Performer Award. The award spotlights organizations that have finished in the top 10% for overall employee engagement scores in 3 company size tiers: less than 1,000 employees, 1,000 – 4,999 employees 5,000+ employees.

“The insight and feedback provided in the annual DecisionWise survey offer an important perspective, one that otherwise may have gone overlooked or unaddressed. Every year we read each employee’s survey and use their feedback to make improvements in our organization. In past years, some of our most important changes and advances came as a response to survey feedback. We are happy to have been named Top Performer this year and will continue to leverage these surveys as a vital tool in improving our workplace culture.” said Bob Dickey, Chief Executive Officer.

“Although each of the organizations we work with have made significant strides in evaluating and improving employee engagement, we are pleased to distinguish a few that have gone above and beyond” said Tracy Maylett, Chief Executive Officer of DecisionWise. “At DecisionWise, we remain committed to helping companies understand that high levels of employee engagement are a key contributor to the overall employee experience (EX), which in turn is a direct reflection of the customer experience (CX) an organization demonstrates.”

About Medicus Healthcare Solutions

Medicus Healthcare Solutions has been connecting physicians and advanced practice providers to medical groups, practices, health systems, hospitals, and other facilities throughout the United States since 2004. Since then, Medicus has expanded its services to include transition projects, medicusOne – a vendor management system/managed service provider-hybrid offering – resource management services, and consulting services. Through its proprietary solutions and methodologies, including mSolve, Medicus has built a reputation for its unique and highly personalized approach to physician staffing. With nearly 300 employees nationwide, Medicus Healthcare Solutions is one of the fastest-growing companies in the healthcare staffing industry. To learn more, go to

About DecisionWise

Founded in 1996, DecisionWise is an employee experience firm specializing in leadership and organization development using assessments, organizational surveys, feedback, coaching, and training. DecisionWise services include employee engagement surveys, 360 Degree Feedback, employee life cycle (ELC) surveys, leadership coaching, and organization development.