Jon Thompson's journey to becoming a CRNA began in the cardiothoracic ICU, where he refined his skills and gained valuable experience in critical care. However, it was during this foundational period that he decided to further his education and began exploring other opportunities.

A pivotal moment came when he traveled to Pennsylvania for a shadow day with a CRNA. "Spending the day in the operating room with the CRNA inspired me to pursue this career. I was amazed by the level of knowledge and expertise the CRNA I was shadowing displayed," Jon recalls. It was that experience that solidified his desire to pursue the career path of becoming a CRNA.

CRNA Work Life Balance

After working as a full-time CRNA, Jon began seeking greater career autonomy and decided to explore the world of CRNA locum jobs. After reading about the pros and cons of locum CRNA jobs, Jon quickly realized that the transition from a W2 employee to a 1099 locum would grant him the flexibility to create his own schedule. Ultimately, the pros outweighed the cons, and Jon began to pursue a career as a locum CRNA.

Medicus Locum Tenens CRNA Work-Life Balance

This newfound flexibility of working locums has been impactful for Jon, enabling him to balance his professional commitments with personal hobbies and interests outside of medicine. "Being a locum CRNA has given me a newfound appreciation for life outside of work.". Jon noted. In his free time, he's embraced new hobbies such as running, boxing, and even photography, enriching his life beyond the operating room.

Embracing New Work Environments and Advice for Those Considering Locum CRNA Careers

Working CRNA locum tenens positions allows you to explore new practice environments and enhance your skillsets, but you also need to be able to adjust to new facilities. Jon acknowledges that, at times, it can be challenging to adapt to change, but navigating it can be simple; he says: "I usually overcome any challenges by simply asking my peers for help, and they are always happy to provide answers or insight. That always sets me up for success.".

Medicus Locum Tenens CRNA Success

His advice for others considering locum CRNA jobs is practical; "Credentialing for new assignments may take longer than you expect. Stay organized and try to keep all licenses/certifications together.". This approach can help ensure a smooth transition into both a CRNA locum tenens career and new assignments.

Favorite Locum Tenens Destination

While working as a locum CRNA, Jon has had the opportunity to travel to various destinations, but one location stands out above all: Manhattan, New York. Jon explained, "Having access to a variety of entertainment in NYC was an experience that was second to none.". 

Jon Thompson's journey exemplifies the transformative potential of CRNA locum tenens career. His transition to a locum CRNA not only granted him the professional autonomy he sought but also enriched his personal life, allowing him to pursue hobbies and interests beyond the operating room. Jon's story is a testament to the flexibility and fulfillment that locum tenens jobs can provide. For those seeking a dynamic and rewarding career path, exploring locum CRNA jobs might offer the balance and satisfaction you’ve been looking for.

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