National Doctors' Day, celebrated each year on March 30th, is the perfect time to recognize and thank your dedicated physicians! We have put together a few fun and easy ways to celebrate that fit anyone's budget and bandwidth.

  1. Host a Doctors' Day appreciation meal. Plan a luncheon, team breakfast, or dinner. Include everyone in the festivities; invite nurses, allied health professionals, and other employees to honor physicians. Hosting an appreciation meal is a great way to improve work culture and make your staff feel appreciated.
  2. A red carnation boutonniere or small corsage. The red carnation is National Doctors' Day's symbolic flower, representing love, charity, sacrifice, bravery, and courage.
  3. Invite patients to write "Happy Doctors' Day" notes to their physicians. Starting in January, keep a supply of notecards and give them to patients. Find a spot where you can put a designated basket or mailbox for the completed cards! Then, on March 30th, distribute the thoughtful notes; this will surely brighten any doctor's day!  
  4. Create a video for your doctors. The video can easily be shot and edited on an iPhone. Ask your healthcare staff to send a "thank you" video or take it for them. This can be a fun and easy way to get the whole team involved and, as a result, make your physicians feel truly special. If your facility or practice has a YouTube channel, you can post the video and encourage employees to share it on social media.
  5. A personalized gift from Etsy. Engrave a pen, create custom bobbleheads, succulents, or a door sign! Etsy has a variety of handcrafted, customized pieces from small businesses that will be sure to make your doctors feel special.
  6. Explore Pinterest boards for more inspiration. The visual bookmarking tool is an excellent resource for discovering and saving creative ideas for your annual celebration. (Use search terms like "Doctors' Day," "Doctors' Day Ideas," and "Doctors' Day Gifts.”)

However you choose to commemorate National Doctors' Day, your physicians will appreciate your gratitude for their service and acknowledgment of their valuable role in healthcare!

How are you celebrating National Doctors’ Day? We’d love to hear!