Medicus is proud to join in celebrating Match Day! The National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) is a vital component of the medical education system, ensuring a fair and organized transition from medical school to residency. National Match Day, held every year on the third Friday in March, marks the culmination of this process, with students eagerly awaiting their residency assignments. It's a day filled with excitement, nerves, and anticipation as students find out where they will continue their residency training. Today, we want to celebrate the amazing achievements of the latest group of medical graduates as they move into the next phase of their professional lives.

Highlights of the 2024 Match Day Results 

This year's Match Day has been particularly remarkable, with record-high participation! Here are some highlights from the 2024 Match: 

  • An all-time high of applications registered for a total of 50,413 applicants, an increase of 4.7% over the previous year.  
  • The Match included the largest number of programs and positions in NRMP history. 93.8% of positions and 87.7% of programs offered were filled. 
  • 19,423 primary care positions were offered in this year's match, 719 more than last year, the largest on record, making up 46.8% of all positions offered.  
  • Primary care specialties are defined as categorical PGY-1 positions that provide training in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics, and Pediatrics; the fill rate for the specialties combined was 92.9%. 
  • After a two-year decline, emergency medicine received a 95.5% fill rate, an increase of 13.9%. 
  • 3,026 positions were offered in emergency medicine, an increase of 16 positions from 2023. 
  • OB/GYN received a fill rate of 99.6%. 
  • In 2024, 2,000 applicants matched in both PGY-1 and PGY-2 anesthesiology positions. 
  • The specialties with 30 positions or more that filled the highest percentage of U.S. MD and DO seniors were Internal Medicine/Emergency Medicine, Thoracic Surgery, Otolaryngology, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, Orthopedic Surgery, Interventional Radiology-Integrated, and Obstetrics and Gynecology.  

Congratulations, Residents! 

As we reflect on the outcomes of this year's Match Day, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the newest group of residents. Your hard work, commitment, and passion have brought you to this momentous milestone. As you embark on this next chapter, may you continue to learn, grow, and make a profound impact on the lives of your patients and communities. Here's to a future filled with endless possibilities and boundless potential. Congratulations! 

Medicus Residency Presentation 

At Medicus, we offer a tailored educational session designed specifically for residents and fellows, aimed at empowering them with essential insights into navigating the job market post-residency or fellowship. Our hour-long Residents and Fellows Presentation is a session offered free of charge to ensure your success. Choose between onsite sessions at your school or offsite presentations, accommodating your preferences for learning. Our comprehensive presentation covers vital topics such as career options, interview preparation, malpractice information, employment contract navigation, CV formatting, licensing, credentialing essentials, and more. Flexible, free, and tailored to your schedule, our presentation equips you with the knowledge and confidence needed to make informed decisions as you embark on your professional journey. 

View our complete Resident and Fellows Toolkit to learn more here!

Resident & Fellowship Toolkit 1

View our complete Resident and Fellows Toolkit to learn more here!