While most students were stargazing, Paul sat wide-eyed in the middle school science classroom, captivated by the lesson. Paul found science “cool" and was fascinated by how everything worked together in such an intricate way. Paul started college as a chemistry major, excited for the next chapter in his life. However, after a few months, he found the solitary laboratory life lonely. He was missing the human connection piece of science.

Paul took a human physiology course, and it clicked - Medicine. It felt like he was back in middle school science class, overcome with fascination and excitement. Paul quickly set off on his pursuit of a career in medicine. Paul shared, "Choosing medicine as a career path was not a single choice but a series of discoveries throughout my education. These discoveries helped reveal what I enjoy and what made me feel fulfilled.".

After thoughtful consideration of which specialty to pursue, Paul chose hospital medicine. The large scope of practice it encompasses was exactly what he was looking for. Each subsequent step following that one decision, from shadowing other physicians to volunteer opportunities to medical school and residency, cemented his conviction that he made the right choice. He conveys, "A physician who practices as a Hospitalist will undoubtedly see a wide variety of diseases and cases – each unique. The field, therefore, lends itself to be both intellectually challenging and refreshingly diverse.".

After graduating from residency, Dr. Scott wanted to travel and experience working with various hospital systems and medical facilities. A career as a locum tenens physician was an easy choice. Coming from the Midwest, Dr. Scott was eager to work in a location with mountains. For his first assignment, Dr. Scott jetted off to Washington state. The breathtaking Pacific Northwest did not disappoint with its mountains, rivers, and coastal ocean views. Seeing this new area of the country was one of the main reasons Dr. Scott wanted to start his career as a Locum Tenens Hospitalist. In addition, the flexibility that a locum tenens schedule offers allows him to take time off for himself and his family. On his current assignment, he works seven days on and then has seven days off and is able to spend that time with his family in Florida. When they aren't walking along the Florida beaches, Dr. Scott is also pursuing his hobby of space engineering and rocketry!

Working in new locations can have its challenges. Dr. Scott's advice for locum tenens looking to integrate into an existing team seamlessly is to be respectful, friendly, and helpful to all staff. Kindness makes the workplace much more enjoyable and compels people to help each other. At every new location, Dr. Scott is always met with a team who is grateful for his help and willing to guide him through the intricacies of a new system if needed. With a final piece of advice, Dr. Scott implores anyone who is considering a career in hospital medicine to pursue locum tenens work for at least a year or two. He says, "Each hospital I have worked with has its strengths and weaknesses. I believe it is challenging to tell if you will enjoy the work and environment of a particular hospital system or group unless you spend time there. My experience working locum tenens with Medicus has been overwhelmingly positive, and now I know exactly what I am looking for in my career.".

Every time Dr. Scott performs a successful procedure or sees a patient return home healthy - he is filled with that middle school excitement. Dr. Scott cannot imagine himself being in any other profession. He has had the opportunity to help many people in very tangible ways, and it's rewarding to see the results of his treatment plan and the positive impact it has on the well-being of his patients. Dr. Scott shared, "As a physician, taking the time to comfort and reassure a patient while being forthright about their condition helps give them control over their health and is one of the best ways to use medical knowledge and experience.".

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