After residency or fellowship, one can take many different career avenues to become a successful provider. For example, you can accept a permanent position at a facility you have previously trained or decide to travel and gain experience in various clinical settings as a locum tenens physician. Instead of choosing one or the other, have you ever considered the advantages of doing both in tandem?

There’s always an opportunity to earn some extra cash as a healthcare professional. Facilities are constantly looking for new permanent talent and providers willing to provide temporary coverage. Moonlighting as an independent contractor while having a permanent position can excel in your career and grow your professional network, not to mention your bank account.

Read on to learn a few benefits of concurrently having a permanent job and providing locum coverage.

1. Earn supplemental income 

Locum tenens assignments allow you to regulate the hours you work based on your financial needs and wants. Are you looking for a little extra cash for a down payment on a house? You could add a few locum tenens hours, ensuring they complement your schedule. Depending on how much extra money you’d like to save, you can determine how much or how little you work permanent and locum tenens assignments. The best part? You’re committed only to the opportunities you accept, so you can be selective and ensure that it’s the right fit. If you want to save time searching, you can enlist a reputable locum tenens staffing organization, like Medicus Healthcare Solutions, to help you find the perfect placement.

2. Save more money and prepare for your future 

Perhaps you’re eyeing a new vehicle or hope to embark on a memorable getaway. Working locum tenens on the side means you don’t have to put “wish list” items on the back burner. Depending on your debt and other expenses, bringing in more money could be the difference between renting an apartment with a roommate or purchasing a house. (Bonus: You could accumulate a small nest egg for home improvements, decorating, and other property-related expenses, too.) Working locum tenens allows you to check off your “wish list” items and invest in your future.

3. Explore other practice settings & grow your skillsets 

Accepting a permanent position provides job security; however, practicing locum tenens during your days off exposes you to other clinical settings. For example, you might have the opportunity to perform unique procedures or utilize equipment to which your permanent facility cannot access. In addition, moonlighting gives you the chance to explore other career options and expand your professional network without leaving your permanent job. Keeping your options open is perfect for building your network and growing your skillsets.

4. Provide quality care for patients in need 

People in neighboring towns and cities cannot receive quality care simply because there are not enough providers. Additionally, many healthcare organizations count on locum tenens to fill staffing gaps while hiring for permanent positions. Therefore, accepting locum tenens assignments before or after you put in your full-time hours could help positively impact rural communities.

If you’re ready to supplement your income by working locum assignments in tandem with your permanent job, this could be the perfect opportunity to invest in your future!

To learn more about the benefits, speak with a knowledgeable Medicus Healthcare Solutions recruiter today.