It’s that time of year when viral colds are most active. Whether you’re traveling on a locum assignment or staying local during the colder seasons, here are some tips to help boost your immunity and stay healthy.

  1. Sleep More 

There’s a common phrase that reads; you can’t pour from an empty cup. This goes for sleep as well. Not getting enough sleep can run you down, decreasing immunity and making it easier to catch a cold. We have all been there once or twice when we find ourselves putting sleep on the back burner. It’s time sleep be made a priority again. Your bodies (and patients) will thank you for it.

  1. Hydrate Often 

This may seem like an easy one, but it can also be easy to fall out of a hydrating routine when schedules are busy. It’s important to keep water intake up so that levels of fatigue stay down. Plus, drinking enough water will act as a barrier against germs. To help you stay on top of your daily hydration, use a reusable water bottle and plan to take sips at various points throughout the day.

  1. Daily Movement

Exercise can sometimes be the body’s best form of therapy. Exercising can help boost your mental health by decreasing stress and improving your immune system, making it harder to catch a common cold. Whether you go to the gym or take a stroll outside, it is always a good idea to incorporate movement into your day.

  1. Get Your Vitamins, Eat Your Greens 

Getting fresh air, multi-vitamins, and eating fruits filled with Vitamin C and D will all help to strengthen your immune system. Challenge yourself to get outside, even for a few minutes every day. Next time you go to the grocery store, pick out some fruits and vegetables that are high in Vitamins C and D. Sometimes, the little things add up to make the biggest difference.

It’s no secret how much energy it takes to be a successful healthcare professional. Encourage yourself to set goals and accomplish healthy routines. You could even make a challenge for yourself each week to drink more water or exercise for a few extra minutes! Giving your body the keys to staying healthy will help your immune system say no to the flu and yes to staying healthy.