What is Locum Tenens

Make locum tenens your full or part-time career. Work the way you want with Medicus locum tenens.

Why work as a locum tenens physician or advanced practitioner?

Locum tenens assignments are unique because they allow you to explore various practice settings in close proximity or miles away from home. When you work with Medicus, our relationship with you is at the center of everything we do. Here are a few benefits of working locum tenens with Medicus:


Take control over your career and personal life. Choose which healthcare facilities and assignments best fit your aspirations.


Support cities, rural communities, or underprivileged areas in need of your care. Together, we build a healthier future.


Travel 10 or 3,000 miles. Pick the location that best suits your life while we handle all of the logistics.


Never miss the next big event in your life. Choose when and where you work with a reliable locum tenens partner.


Locum tenens come with significant pay advantages. We serve as your advocate, negotiating rates on your behalf.


View our current open jobs across the United States, and let’s start transforming your career together.


View our current open jobs across the United States, and let’s start transforming your career together.

What is locum tenens

What is locum tenens?

When accepting a locum tenens job, you are essentially filling a shift at a healthcare facility temporarily. The locum tenens lifestyle offers increased work-life balance or can help you earn additional income if you already have a permanent position. In addition, this work style promises continued growth and a flexible schedule.
  • Here is what you can expect when you work locum tenens with Medicus:

  • 1
    step 1

    Step 1:

    Meet your dedicated recruiter and discuss your goals and work preferences.
  • 2
    step 2

    Step 2:

    Review jobs that align with your ambitions and scheduling needs.
  • 3
    step 3

    Step 3:

    Medicus facilitates the CV, licensing, credentialing, and travel process for you.
  • 4
    step 4

    Step 4:

    Comprehensive medical malpractice coverage provided.

  • 5
    step 5

    Step 5:

    Access MedicusIQ, a personalized portal to track your assignment details from start to finish.
  • 6
    step 6

    Step 6:

    Submit timesheets online and get paid.
  • 7
    step 7

    Step 7:

    Earn additional perks and benefits via the My Medicus Loyalty Program.