Shannon Peterson, promotion

WINDHAM, NH - March 4, 2024 - Medicus Healthcare Solutions, a leading healthcare staffing and solutions company is pleased to announce the promotion of Shannon Peterson to Senior Vice President, Head of Delivery, a significant milestone marking her 11-year tenure with the company.


Since joining Medicus, Shannon has played a pivotal role in enhancing the company's delivery practices, contributing to its reputation as a leader in healthcare staffing. Her efforts have significantly bolstered Medicus's commitment to providing a differentiated experience for clients, physicians, and advanced practitioners. Shannon has been instrumental in partnering with clients to evolve the Medicus Transition Services program. This program serves as a vital bridge to stabilizing hospital workforces for physicians and advanced practitioners, reinforcing the company's dedication to addressing the challenges within healthcare staffing.


Shannon has also been actively involved in the creation and execution of significant initiatives, including the launch of the My Medicus Loyalty Program and the Medicus One Degree event. Additionally, her expertise has established her as a leading voice on best practices within the locum tenens staffing model, highlighted by her invitation to present at numerous industry gatherings.


Reflecting on Peterson's promotion, Bob Dickey, Chief Executive Officer at Medicus, commented, "Shannon's dedication and innovative vision have been instrumental in driving our success. Her leadership in the Delivery function is not just about maintaining our high standards; it's about setting new benchmarks for excellence in the healthcare staffing industry. We are confident in Shannon's expanded role, Medicus will continue to achieve remarkable growth and further our mission to provide exceptional service to our clients and healthcare professionals.".


Shannon's promotion is a testament to her outstanding leadership, dedication, and strategic vision. Medicus looks forward to her continued contributions as she leads the Delivery team to new heights, reinforcing the company's commitment to excellence in healthcare staffing.


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Medicus Healthcare Solutions has been connecting physicians and advanced practice providers to medical groups, practices, health systems, hospitals, and other facilities throughout the United States since 2004. Since then, Medicus has expanded its services to include the Medicus Transition Program, an all-in-one approach to interim staffing and workforce stabilization, a hybrid of vendor management, and managed service provider system resource management services and consulting services. Through its proprietary solutions and methodologies, including mSolve, Medicus has built a reputation for its unique and highly personalized approach to physician staffing. Medicus Healthcare Solutions is one of the fastest-growing companies in the healthcare staffing industry.


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