This week, Medicus is proud to join in celebrating National Nurse Practitioner Week, which will run from November 12 to 18! Hosted by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), this annual event is dedicated to recognizing and appreciating nurse practitioners' vital role in patient care.

The theme for NP Week 2023 is Recognizing Heroes in Healthcare. In the United States, more than 355,000 licensed Nurse Practitioners help lead the way in addressing the critical challenges surrounding healthcare accessibility. Annually, NPs play a pivotal role as patients seek their expertise in over a billion visits, spanning primary, acute, specialty, and long-term care across every healthcare setting.

The Vital Role of Nurse Practitioners in Healthcare

In 1965, the visionaries Drs. Loretta Ford and Henry Silver pioneered the first nurse practitioner program. Fast forward nearly six decades, and the impact of NPs is nothing short of transformative, enhancing the health and enriching the lives of millions of patients and their communities daily.

Nurse practitioners bring a comprehensive view to patient care. NPs are qualified to make diagnoses and treat illnesses, prescribe medications, order and interpret tests, and, most importantly, blend clinical expertise with an emphasis on disease prevention. With their advanced knowledge and skills, NPs are crucial in delivering high-quality, patient-centered care.

Amidst the rising demand for mental health and primary care services, Nurse Practitioners will play a pivotal role in enhancing accessibility to top-notch care. With a projected shortage of primary care physicians ranging from 17,800 to 48,000 by 2034 and an anticipated deficit of 14,280 to 31,109 psychiatrists in the near future, NPs and locum tenens will be instrumental in bridging these gaps and ensuring continued accessibility to quality care.

Did You Know?

  • There are more than 355,000 licensed Nurse Practitioners in the United States.
  • NPs can prescribe prescriptions, including controlled substances, in all 50 states, including Washington, D.C.
  • 88% of NPs work in areas of primary care, while 70.3% of all NPs deliver primary care.
  • 45.6% of full-time NPs have hospital privileges.
  • A majority of full-time NPs see an average of 3 plus patients an hour.
  • More than 1.06 billion visits are made to nurse practitioners every year.
  • The average age of all NPs is 46.

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Thank you, Nurse Practitioners!

Thank you to our dedicated Nurse Practitioners who, through your unwavering commitment and expertise, continue to shape a healthier and more accessible future for us all. In addition, thank you to all of our locum tenens Nurse Practitioners for helping expand access to high-quality patient care nationwide. Medicus is truly honored to partner with such dedicated locum tenens NPs, each of whom leaves a positive impact every single day. Thank you, NPs, for your dedication and commitment to bettering healthcare for all!

In honor of NP Week, we encourage you to stay connected with the celebration and share your stories of NP's impact on social media using AANPs hashtag #NPWeek! We invite you to learn more about National NP Week here!

If you are interested in a career as a locum tenens nurse practitioner, we welcome you to view our open jobs here.