In 2023, some of our most visited content by healthcare leaders were those filled with insights into physician shortages, market reports, and trends. Join us as we round up our top 7 blogs and resources for healthcare leaders.

1.)  The Anesthesia Provider Shortage

Addressing the critical issue of supply versus demand for anesthesiologists and CRNAs, this white paper offers healthcare leaders insight into the factors contributing to the shortage, its effects on revenue, and strategies for overcoming anesthesia staffing challenges.

2.) Seven Ways to Celebrate Doctor's Day

Recognizing the importance of showing appreciation for your staff, this blog outlines creative ways healthcare employers can celebrate National Doctor's Day with their team.

3.) Healthcare Market Reports

The Medicus State of the Market reports offer insights into quarterly healthcare market trends. Our latest Q4 Market Report explores topics such as physician burnout, healthcare employment growth, ER wait times, and more. Be on the lookout for the Medicus Q1 State of the Market Report being released in early January 2024.

4.) Emergency Medicine 2023 Trends - The Shortage & Increasing Demand

Our Emergency Medicine Trends blog provides insights into the shortage of emergency medicine physicians and residents, the factors driving the demand, the benefits of utilizing emergency medicine locum tenens, and more.

5.) C-Suite Monitor

Released twice a year, the Medicus C-Suite Monitor provides healthcare leaders with up-to-date insights and developments. Our latest edition features exclusive takeaways from the Medicus panel at Becker's CEO + CFO Roundtable, 2024 healthcare trends, including AI's role in advancing patient care, retail clinics' impact on healthcare delivery models, and more.

6.) Attracting the New Generation of Physicians and Advanced Practitioners

As provider shortages persist, this blog emphasizes the importance of enhancing recruitment strategies to attract Millennial and Gen Z healthcare providers. It features effective ways to attract and meet the expectations of the newer workforce of physicians and advanced practitioners.

7.) How Can Healthcare Leaders Prevent Staff Burnout (As Well As Their Own)?

Amidst staffing shortages, healthcare leaders are often tasked with leading efforts to reduce burnout. This featured blog provides healthcare leaders with strategies to reduce burnout for both staff and leaders, ensuring a healthy and sustainable work environment.

As we look ahead to the new year, we look forward to providing healthcare leaders with more insights into healthcare trends, resources, and more in 2024!