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Best Practices for Physicians When Posting on Social Media

While having a social media presence is a relatively new idea for physicians, advantages to building an online presence as a practitioner include making professional connections and taking control of your own reputation. If you have decided that you want to be on social media, the immediate consideration is how to do it well. It’s worthwhile spending a little energy deciding what your social media strategy will be.

How to Begin the ACS Consultation/Verification Process for Trauma Centers

If you have recently learned that your state is planning to adopt and/or will require trauma centers to obtain ACS (American College of Surgeons) verification, take heart. Last week, we spoke with Dan Hamilton, ‎public information associate, at the ACS regarding the process and what administrators and other hospital leaders should know about it. Read on to learn about the first steps for verification and what you should do to prepare.

Recruiting is a Life-Changer

Josh Mathon—a permanent placement recruiter with Optimum Permanent Placement Services, a division of Medicus Healthcare Solutions—shares his thoughts on recruiting, and how it enriches his life and makes a difference in the lives of countless professionals.

Conducting Phone Interviews with Locum Tenens Candidates

Prior to arranging a telephone interview with a locum tenens physician, advanced practitioner, or CRNA, you will have the opportunity to review his or her curriculum vitae (CV), references, and other essential paperwork. The clinician’s locum tenens staffing company recruiter will take great measures to ensure the candidate’s qualifications match the search criteria you outline and will assume much of the groundwork ahead of time, from reviewing assignment scope and requirements to verifying dates, shifts, rotation, and pay scale with the provider. Next up: the telephone interview.
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