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Why New Grads Should Consider Part-Time Locum Tenens Practice

Most young physicians have considerable outstanding loans when they finish residency. In fact, according to Student Loan Hero, the average medical school debt in 2017 is $164,800. A recent article from the resource aimed at better management of student loans also outlines several ways new doctors can pay down their debt, such as applying a sign-on bonus to it to shorten the repayment period, and keeping discretionary and living expenses to a minimum.

How to Prepare Your CV

Whether you are searching for a permanent position or the perfect locum tenens assignment for a physician, PA, NP, or CRNA, a great curriculum vitae (CV) can distinguish you from other applicants. In a few short pages, your CV needs to expertly present your educational and professional qualifications and accomplishments.

Understanding Medical Malpractice Policies

Medical malpractice insurance is a critical part of practicing medicine, making it essential for physicians beginning their practices to have an understanding of the types of malpractice policies available. The two primary categories are occurrence coverage and claims-made coverage.

10 Facts About the ACS Verification Process for Trauma Centers

Earlier this month, we furnished administrators and other hospital leaders interested in obtaining American College of Surgeons (ACS) verification—and evaluating and improving trauma care at their facilities—with an overview of the ACS verification, review, and consultation process. Today, we are pleased to provide further information—from duration of certificate validity to the number of trauma centers that have acquired ACS verification thus far—as shared by Dan Hamilton, public information associate for the association.
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