From W-2 to 1099: Tips for a Smooth, Successful Shift from Permanent to Locum Tenens

June 17, 2024
Seamlessly and efficiently shift from a W-2 physician or advanced practitioner to a 1099 locum tenens with tips from Medicus.

3 Benefits of Utilizing Social Media as a Locum Physician or Advanced Practitioner

June 11, 2024
Discover the benefits of using social media as a locum tenens physician or advanced practitioner. Expand your network, find job opportunities, and more!

The CRNA Dream Team: How Locum Tenens Flexibility Landed Amber and Vinny on The Amazing Race

June 05, 2024
Medicus locum tenens CRNAs, the Dream Team, were able to go on an adventure of a lifetime on the Amazing Race thanks to the flexibility of locum tenens!

Where CRNAs Can Practice Independently

May 09, 2024
CRNAs are in high demand, with increasing autonomy in various states. Explore the benefits and opportunities of working independently as a locum tenens CRNA.

A Top Destination: Locum Tenens Massachusetts

April 11, 2024
Massachusetts offers locum physicians and advanced practitioners professional growth opportunities, diverse patient experiences, and access to innovative healthcare resources.

Six Reasons To Consider Working Gastroenterology Locums

April 07, 2024
Gastroenterologists are leaving the field due to early retirement or seeking work/life balance. Here are 6 reasons to work gastroenterology locums.

What is Locum Tenens? | Insights with Medicus Healthcare Solutions

April 04, 2024
Discover the world of locum tenens work and why physicians and APPs choose this career path. Explore motivations, specialty options, and the benefits of partnering with Medicus.

Answering Five Common Questions about the IMLC

March 21, 2024
Learn about the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) and how it simplifies licensing for eligible physicians across multiple states. Find answers to common questions and explore the benefits for those pursuing locum tenens.

Exploring Locum Tenens: Answers to 5 Common Questions with Medicus Healthcare Solutions

March 14, 2024
Uncover the answers to five common questions new locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners ask as they consider locum tenens work with Medicus!

Exploring Gastroenterology Locum Tenens: A Conversation with a Gastroenterology Locum

February 23, 2024
A recent webinar hosted by Medicus explores the transition to gastroenterology locum tenens with insights from gastroenterologist Dr. Page, highlighting career control, flexibility, and advice for colleagues.

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