Working locum tenens with Medicus provides physicians and advanced practitioners with a flexible and rewarding career. Whether you're considering locum tenens for the first time or looking to enhance your current locum tenens career, the insights and experiences shared by practicing locum tenens can be invaluable. To help you excel in your locum tenens career, we reached out to a few Medicus locums for their best advice.

Test the Waters Before Making the Leap

Medicus Locum Tenens Anesthesiologist Advice - W2 to 1099

Dr. O, a locum tenens anesthesiologist, shares a practical tip for those contemplating a shift from a traditional W2 job to 1099 locum tenens. He advises, “While you're working your W2 job, try doing some locum assignments to see if you actually like it. See if you like the flexibility, like the pay. Then, if that's something you like, it is easier to move from W2 to 1099.”. This gradual approach allows you to experience firsthand the benefits of locum tenens work, such as enhanced control over your schedule and potentially higher earnings. All without committing fully until you're sure working as a locum tenens is the right fit for you.

Embrace New Experiences

Medicus OB-GYN Locum Tenens Advice - Various Aspects of Patient Care

Dr. J, an OB GYN locum, encourages fellow physicians and advanced practitioners to explore locum tenens jobs to diversify their professional experiences. “Just try it and see what you like; I think it can really help physicians to change up practice styles or to be able to treat a variety of patients; it will really open up your mind to the various aspects of patient care. I think everyone should at least try it!”. By stepping into different practice environments and treating a wide range of patients, you not only enhance your skill set but also have the opportunity to gain a broader perspective on patient care.

Ask Questions & Listen First

Medicus OB-GYN Locum Tenens Advice - Listen First

As a locum tenens physician or advanced practitioner, you will be working in a wide variety of different clinical settings. To integrate smoothly into new clinical settings, Sharon, a critical care locum tenens PA, highlights the importance of being a good listener and asking questions. “When I go into a new place, I try and listen first, instead of coming in and saying, 'This is how I do things, this is how it's going to be.' It goes much more smoothly if I take the time to ask questions and listen first.”. She emphasizes that asking questions like, “How do you guys do things here?” and “How can I help you in this situation?” can pave the way for a successful integration during new locum tenens assignment.

Be a Team Player

Medicus Locum Tenens Anesthesiologist Advice - Be Flexible

Dr. O, locum tenens anesthesiologist, also underscores the importance of flexibility and teamwork in locum tenens jobs. “Be flexible and just be able to go into a facility and help out the need. Whether it's working extra hours or doing cases that nobody else wants to do.”. Recognizing yourself as a team player and approaching each assignment with a positive attitude can significantly enhance your job satisfaction as a locum. Dr. O encourages locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners to “just have fun at your job” and find fulfillment in contributing positively to the teams and communities they're helping.

The Importance of a Reputable Locum Tenens Agency

Finding a locum tenens job that aligns with both your personal and professional goals can be significantly easier with the help of a reputable locum tenens agency. When you partner with Medicus, our relationship with you is at the center of everything that we do. Our comprehensive assistance includes licensing, credentialing, travel, and more, providing a seamless experience throughout your locum career with us. In addition, through our My Medicus Loyalty Program, we offer personalized benefits, travel perks, and additional rewards tailored to your partnership with Medicus.

One of our critical care locum PAs highlighted how Medicus stands above the rest:

"I have worked with six or seven different locum agencies over the past ten years, and Medicus stands above the rest. For one, my recruiter has great communication, transparency, consistency, and following through, getting things done. That's been the most important thing to me because I feel like he takes my career seriously and really is an advocate for me. Secondly, Medicus's travel side is fantastic; it never gives me a hard time, my travel is never a problem, and it is very easy and stress-free to deal with travel. Also, particular people in credentialing have also been very helpful. Those are the biggest things for me that make Medicus stand out. The Loyalty Program is also a really nice little perk that came up last year, and I've very much enjoyed that; it really is that extra one degree that sets them above the rest. It's been a fantastic experience!" - Sharon, Locum Tenens Critical Care PA

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